December 26, 2019

5 types of eDetailers for successful HCP engagement

Email, remote visit or eDetailer – that is the question. Every pharmaceutical manager wants to build a trusted brand name, organize successful HCP digital engagement, and an efficient marketing strategy. The preferred channel for communication with HCPs is chosen based on every company’s goals. For one organization it`s better to send emails, for another – show eDetailers, etc. Each company wants to build a dialogue with its target audience and create successful HCP marketing tactics.  
May 6, 2019

Mobile healthcare applications for HCP & patient engagement

What do patients really want, apart from high quality care, personalization and more transparent approach, is to be in more control over their own time and
September 15, 2017

Should pharma provide a virtual platform for HCP engagement (libraries, web conferences, eLearning, remote visits)?

Are there any skills you once wanted to master online and dropped the idea because… whatever? Have you ever been watching too many How-to videos on