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July 5, 2024

Top 7 AI Mistakes Pharma Companies Make

See 7 major mistakes pharma marketers make when adopting AI tools in their practice.
June 19, 2024

Data-Driven Storytelling in Healthcare Marketing

Find out how to create compelling narratives that help communicate your insights and finding in a way that resonates with audience.
April 9, 2024

Patient-Centric Marketing in the Life Science Industry: Putting Patients First

Transform Life Science Marketing and Embrace Patient-Centric Strategies. Enhance engagement, foster trust, and excel in the ever-changing healthcare environment.
July 26, 2022

Mobile Health Applications for Patient Engagement

Explore how mHealth applications enhance patient engagement and loyalty. Uncover relevant statistics and real-world use cases
July 20, 2022

Guide to Strategic HCP Segmentation

HCP omnichannel segmentation ensures personalized content reaches the right audience, maximizing engagement and delivering value. Learn the benefits and implementation strategies in our article.
February 22, 2022

Digital Transformation in Pharma: Barriers and Impact

Over time, pharma gets under fire due to its excessive talks about ‘digital transformation.’ It needs to be clarified what these words refer to and whether
December 28, 2021

2021 in Pharma: What We Have Learned and Where We Have Won

Are you still processing 2020? Well, here is the news, 2022 is almost here. And while you are thinking about how it could happen; we can
November 22, 2021

Using omnichannel approach to achieve better HCP engagement: how does it work?

The pharmaceutical industry has talked about improving communication with HCPs for decades. While even several years ago, “closing the loop” was routinely equaled to traditional rep
August 12, 2021

Balancing the World of Innovation: Stay True to the Product with Medical Experts

The Great Digital Transformation has brought pharma into the place where often it remains only to guess what is behind words about another big transformation, dramatic
July 30, 2021

eLearning Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies: Why Does it Matter?

A sharp surge of innovations in the pharmaceutical industry has created an environment where new tools and models of work appear every day, making difficult pharma
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