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July 26, 2022

Mobile Applications for Healthcare: the Beginner’s Guide

Apart from high-quality care, personalization, and transparency, patients are eager to have more control over their time and day-to-day health activities with easy access to accurate
July 20, 2022

HCP Segmentation with Omnichannel Pharma Strategy 

An omnichannel strategy requires proper target audience segmentation to run, and pharma marketing is no exception. The issue here is pharma marketing has its own traditions and is unlike anything else – so you cannot simply copy paste best practices from other industries and hope they will work out. In this article, we will look at what segmentation really is for omnichannel strategists, and how to reconcile the innovative takes with what life sciences are doing now.
February 22, 2022

Digital Transformation in Pharma: Barriers and Impact

Over time, pharma gets under fire due to its excessive talks about ‘digital transformation.’ It needs to be clarified what these words refer to and whether
December 28, 2021

2021 in Pharma: What We Have Learned and Where We Have Won

Are you still processing 2020? Well, here is the news, 2022 is almost here. And while you are thinking about how it could happen; we can
November 22, 2021

Using omnichannel approach to achieve better HCP engagement: how does it work?

The pharmaceutical industry has talked about improving communication with HCPs for decades. While even several years ago, “closing the loop” was routinely equaled to traditional rep
August 12, 2021

Balancing the World of Innovation: Stay True to the Product with Medical Experts

The Great Digital Transformation has brought pharma into the place where often it remains only to guess what is behind words about another big transformation, dramatic
July 30, 2021

eLearning Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies: Why Does it Matter?

A sharp surge of innovations in the pharmaceutical industry has created an environment where new tools and models of work appear every day, making difficult pharma
May 18, 2021

Ensuring Data Protection and Pharma Compliance in Digital Transformation

Quicker than a storm, a pandemic has left us in a black hole of confusion and uncertainty. On this matter, pharma could be compared to a
February 26, 2021

Go Beyond HCPs: Set Up Patient Support and Value with Pharma Content

Take a moment to think of how your health behavior has changed over 2020. Can it be measured exclusively by the number of thoughts about hygiene
January 8, 2021

Overview: 4th Edition of the Salesforce “State of Service” Report

When pharma professionals are taking the course on the brighter post-pandemic future, it is important to look around, orient towards the professionals, and get the latest
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