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5 types of eDetailers for successful HCP engagement

Pharma HCP Marketing

Email, remote visit or eDetailer – that is the question. Every pharmaceutical manager wants to build a trusted brand name, organize successful HCP digital engagement, and an efficient marketing strategy. The preferred channel for communication with HCPs is chosen based on every company’s goals. For one company it`s better to send emails, for another – show eDetailers, etc. And the chief goal of all marketers is to build a dialogue with the target audience, creating successful HCP marketing tactics.

Digital transformation keeps changing the way pharma and life sciences communicate with customers. Sales reps are an important component of pharma promotion and evolution, but they are no longer the priority that pharma marketing is focused on. Historical attitude to sales reps has always been uncertain: 50% of HCPs were saying that the world would be a much better place without medical representatives. Digitalization is not only about pharmaceutical companies’ processes – but it’s also about HCPs: recent research shows that 92% of doctors use laptop/desktop computers for work, 66% – use smartphones and 42% often use tablets. 

Nevertheless, eDeatiling is still taking its place in digital marketing strategy, but it became more differentiated. So, let’s look at 5 main types of presentations and their features. 

1. Market Entrance and Pharma Brand Marketing

Any pharma company wants to win trust among its current customers and future ones. The tool that will be helpful while working toward this goal is approved medical information that is present in every channel that company uses. Thanks to digital progress a brand manager can choose any channel for promotion: email, remote visit, text in preferable messenger, etc. Doctors trust facts and numbers, so the reputation of your company depends on clinical trials, their amount, relevance, and quality. In what way can an eDetailer help a brand manager represent pharma company like that one that HCPs can trust? Include a brand portfolio slide to medreps’ presentation – it will help them to structure info about the company’s achievements and advantages and HCPs will be familiar with the company’s products.  

But talking about the company’s achievements is not enough – as brand managers must prove the new product itself is competitive. How? Comparison of your product with the reference one “Our product is the 1st in its group that allows patients to…”, or “X product achieves the target concentration 1.3x faster”, etc. But be careful – don’t put more than 1 key message on slide, because an overloaded slide is an inefficient slide.

2. Broadening of the label/ specific patient segment  

Sometimes it occurs that drug HCPs are familiar with is approved to be used for a wider range of diseases. This discovery helped pharmaceutical company expand its target audience due to extra patient segment and promote that drug to a larger number of HCPs.

First, medreps should inform doctors about these new properties. For example, it can sound like this: “From now on product X can be used by patients who take antibiotics”, etc. The new key message about discovered features of the product should be included in broadening slide at presentation. The next update for existing presentation is patient profiles slides – they are created for visualization of patient’s problem solving. Storytelling skills will be helpful here to tell HCP a story about patient with the disease that has been treated with your company’s product. Besides statistics and medical trials information doctors love stories about clinical cases, so include some stories to a presentation.

3. Retention for an established product 

Every successful pharma brand manager dreams about engaging more and more clients. However, what’s even more important is making sure the loyal customers move to become brand emissaries and generally keep prescribing. 

Key messages are different in this case. This time brand manager convinces a doctor telling that “Patients have successfully used our product and it helped them experienced a significant improvement in…”, but it is not the only thing that attracts HCPs and patients. Global successful companies provide beyond-the-pill value for their clients: it could be a patient support program, forum for doctors and patients, apps for HCPs or patients. In such cases, this may be what truly makes your product the one of choice. 

4. Localized eDetailer 

Localization can’t be underestimated as it displays pharma company’s respect and care of any country, where the brand is promoted.

Localization is not only about translation, keep in mind, that images and patients’ profiles must be changed according to typical problems of each target audience’s region too. If an agency gets a task to localize content and brand manager wants to save time at the next MLR – it’s better to voice all expectations, requirements, and thoughts according to localization results.  

Taking into consideration that pharmaceutical industry has so much content that is updated constantly as new drugs are launched – there is so much work to be done. eWizard platform hand in hand with Veeva Vault can help you with content localization, updating, publishing, storage, approval.  

5. Remote eDetailer presentation 

Sales reps’ visits can be forbidden in some medical establishments, so remote detailing is an option. It is also used in areas where transportation is tough or with HCPs who can’t be approached during their working hours Remote communications perfectly fits doctors have an immense almost all day, even at home – remote presentations are a perfect solution in this case as they allow medrep to talk to HCP without hurry.  

It is more likely that HCP will watch such a presentation at smartphone 

Usually, remote visit is a continuation of face-to-face visit and it’s a great opportunity for a rep to provide HCP with more information. But it’s better to resist the temptation to overload each slide with info.  

Viseven creates interactive presentations for global pharma and life sciences companies since 2009. Also, we are proud of our successful cases of remote eDetailing launching. Contact us to learn more about Viseven unique approach to eDetailers development in a fast and cost-effective way.

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