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3 Main e-Detailer Types to Engage with Healthcare Professionals

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A strong and trusted brand image means everything in pharma. After releasing a new product, each pharmaceutical company wants to showcase it to as many healthcare professionals (HCPs) as possible in an attractive way and without wasting resources.  

For years, pharmaceutical detailing has been a tried and tested format of HCP engagement used by sales representatives during face-to-face meetings. However, not every company knows how to use this format effectively in the digital world, where HCPs access more information than ever and use multiple communication channels. 

The Role of eDetailers in Omnichannel HCP Engagement 

For many pharma marketers and sales representatives, omnichannel marketing and personalization of customer experiences in HCP engagement is still one of the main challenges due to a low level of digitalization.  

As a digital version of pharma detailing, eDetailing is a tremendous opportunity for pharmaceutical and biotech companies to broaden target audiences globally and in local markets by personalizing relationships with each HCP when used with other communication channels within omnichannel campaigns. 

eDetailers offer a high level of interactivity and detailed analytics, which allows marketers and sales representatives to create individual experiences for HCPs at a large scale and enhance them for future campaigns. 

In this article, you’ll discover the cases when a pharma company can use eDetailing to attract HCPs’ attention and build long-term relationships that result in conversions and sales. 

Here are five main types of eDetailers for successful HCP engagement:

Self-Detailing (Self-Service Detailing) 

Self-detailing (self-service detailing) is a type of eDetailing that enables healthcare professionals to get acquainted with pharma products and review them autonomously without the assistance of sales representatives. It sounds like a drawback for pharma companies because no one pitches offers in person. However, self-service detailing gives four unique benefits from the perspective of marketing.  

The first benefit is efficiency. Self-service detailing gives pharma companies an outstanding opportunity to save time and budgets since sales representatives don’t need to schedule face-to-face meetings and travel to physical locations. Pharma companies can allocate these resources to any other objective.  

The second benefit is convenience. Promotional content is available to healthcare professionals without any limitations. They can access it on any device anytime without getting distracted from their responsibilities. The lion’s share of healthcare professionals doesn’t like listening to sales representatives at all. For this reason, self-service detailing is a great way to gain trust or at least attract attention.  

The third benefit is an expanded market reach. With a powerful platform for HCP engagement, a pharma company can deliver eDetailers to more healthcare professionals at once.  

The fourth benefit is high-quality feedback. If a pharma company knows how to encourage a healthcare professional to open materials, they are more likely to spend more time on their analysis and make more interactions. With real-time analytics integrated into an interactive eDetailer, the company will see each action made on each slide – valuable information that gives room for future improvement. 

Remote eDetailer Presentation (Remote Detailing) 

Remote detailing or remote eDetailing presentation is a content format that has enabled pharma companies to minimize health risks and maximize business value and customer experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As a perfect alternative to face-to-face meetings with healthcare professionals, remote detailing helps sales representatives demonstrate pharma products online during video calls or webinars. 

Even though this type of eDetailing has become less common than it used to be during the pandemic, it has proved itself a profitable and effective solution and remains such till now. 

Omnichannel Detailing 

Omnichannel detailing is eDetailing used by pharmaceutical companies with other marketing channels to create personalized journeys for healthcare professionals within omnichannel campaigns. The awareness of the target audience’s demographics, interests, habits, demands, and preferences allows pharma brands to send relevant content to the right healthcare professional at the right moment and via the preferred channel. 

Say a pharma brand invited healthcare professionals to participate in a webinar via email. After the event, all participants received a copy of an eDetailer. During the next few days, a pharma brand’s marketers were tracking interactions made by healthcare professionals. Based on the analytics report, marketers segmented those healthcare professionals who carefully read the materials and sent them an email invitation to another event to discuss the eDetailer. 

Omnichannel detailers sent in a sequence with other communication channels are an effective way to gain the trust of a group of healthcare professionals during one particular event. It’s an advanced solution to build personalized long-term relationships with each person. It’s not about promotion but storytelling. 

Create eDetailers at Reduced Cost with eWizard 

At Viseven, we help global, medium-sized, and small enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry efficiently and effectively use eDetailing content for HCP engagement during omnichannel marketing campaigns and face-to-face visits.

Powered by Viseven, eWizard is a content experience platform that allows a pharma organization with any level of digital maturity to create and deliver eDetailers at a large scale in combination with other communication channels within personalized customer journeys. 

eWizard offers a rich collection of easy-to-use eDetailing tools and features: 

Ready-Made Templates 

Save time, energy, and resources on the customization of your eDetailers with a wide range of ready-made templates with built-in navigation and attractive design. 

Easy-to-Use Template Builder 

Customize layouts, color palettes, text, buttons, pop-ups, sliders, carousels, media, and other necessary elements within each slide of your eDetailer without professional coding and design skills. 

Automated Translation 

Use an AI-powered translation engine to translate eDetailing content from one language into another in several seconds or localize it manually by downloading a file, translating content, and uploading it back to the platform. 

Business Admin 

Create eDetailers together with multiple stakeholders from different organizations and teams. Assign roles for users and organize users in groups to set clear responsibilities and make the production of your eDetailing content more efficient. 


Plan, arrange, and manage your eDetailers at different production stages and combine them with other communication channels for global and local marketing campaigns across multiple geographies. 


View interactions made by your target audience using different types of reports, manage data with multiple filters and sorting options, collect KPIs, and export data as Excel and CSV files. 

Want to test eWizard for free? Request a demo to try the basic functionality for your pharma business.  

If you need more information on the platform or help with eDetailing, don’t hesitate to talk to our expert. We’ll schedule a meeting with you at any convenient time. 

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