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Viseven integrates and merges the best technological solutions in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. Our partnerships help us develop and create top-quality customer experience for clients around the world

Viseven partners with leading tech giants, helping clients create innovative digital ecosystems

Create reliable and solid partnerships

Accelerate the innovation process

Provide customers with technical and marketing support

Develop business strategy in line with new rules and market trends

Business partnership

Content partnership

Meet the agencies which are building high-quality digital content leveraging eWizard platform and development framework

We ensure customer success through a trained, collaborative, trustworthy, and high-quality community of certified agencies

Our flagship Content Experience Platform optimizes your business and maximizes your profits by reducing development costs

digital content factory

Reselling partnership

Viseven is a trusted advisor for pharma customers who provides powerful solutions and drives transformation with eWizard and omnichannel marketing support services in their portfolio

Technology partnership

We partner with leading technology companies to offer seamless integrations and create digital ecosystems for streamlined workflows and accelerated collaboration

Viseven integrates with all the major players in your solution stack. Whichever CRM, marketing automation, CMS, or additional tools your team uses, we work seamlessly to keep you focused on what matters

What our partners are saying

Ales Kus

CRM officer at Servier Pharma Slovenia

As a pharmaceutical company, we are working with Viseven for the last few years. We have daily challenges how to deliver messages to our clients and all I can say is: Viseven portfolio of products is making our daily life better – from simple designed apps, CLM, Email template, to highly developed designs with option to get feedback from customer or to delivery a key message.

Products offered, especially CLM and eWizard, can be used by every user knowing how to created PPTs. Or, if digging into the product, each individual can develop customized layout.

What is for us most important: we should be able to do start by our self, but support we get from Viseven is something, that delivers everything to the very next level  – responsiveness and explanations with examples! Not only that all challenges are solved very quickly, I always get also explanation – those 2 things are for me highly valued and I think your support is the best!

Bimal Mehta

CEO, Vakils Premedia

The need for eWizard at Vakils Media didn’t start with the realization that there is an immediate problem – sometimes it’s about putting foundational tech in place now because you foresee issues arising in the future. And sometimes it’s also about preparing for the next phase of growth for your business. Putting eWizard in place was a strategic move for the digital content production team.

Bruno Senouci

COO, DrCom

We are thrilled to work with Viseven innovative technologies to improve our content production workflow. Their multichannel authoring solution brings more value to our customers by adding much-needed flexibility and agility to our current processes. The eWizard platform combined with the Cobalt framework is a truly powerful combo, allowing us to fulfill all our needs from idea/initiation to the omnichannel orchestration of global campaigns. Their pricing model and bold pay-as-you-go approach were the icing on the cake.

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