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Full Digital Content Factory for Life Sciences & Pharma

Viseven’s Full DCF is your next-gen enterprise solution to help your company maximize global-to-local efficiency across many distinct levels. Our Full Digital Content Factory will not only facilitate localization but move your global communication from basic to efficient in no time. Viseven DCF experts are based in Argentina, India and Ukraine to help address all your needs.

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Our Expertise

Viseven is a Global MarTech Services Provider for Life Sciences and Pharma Industries, merging marketing and digital technology expertise with innovation and strategic capabilities

Built over 5 CONTENT FACTORIES around the world


500-700 USERS
per Content Factory trained


Up to 50%
cost reduction on content development

Viseven understands Pharma challenges and knows how to

  • cohesively align people, processes, and tools for new-gen customer engagement 
  • find the right technology to manage omnichannel content production across all brands and markets 
  • develop intense in-house expertise

Viseven offers Full Digital Content Factory to support content creation and management

Service delivery model that covers the entire content lifecycle with KPIs set for every channel. The model contributes to agile global-to-local pharma content production

  • Enterprise end-to-end content management​
  • Medical marketing
  • Channel management​
  • Digital marketing technology stack implementation & maintenance
  • Digital campaign & journey orchestration​
  • Enterprise solutions production (microsites, sites, self-service portals, mobile apps, etc.)

Evolution of your digital maturity with Full DCF

from content development to the seamless adoption of innovation




Structured & Connected content

Building a foundation. Seamless content workflow across all stakeholders and platforms, bringing standardization & increasing reuse.
  • Teck stack \ Integrations
  • Workflow & governance
  • Standardization and framework unification
  • Change management
Cost reduction



Operational optimization.
Integrated plug-&-play enterprise content modularization.
MLR process optimization.

  • Modular content strategy
  • Modular content (approach implementation)
  • Key messages effectiveness track
  • MLR streamlining
  • Change management

Cost reduction


Structured Modular content (incl. personalization engine)

Augmented data-driven content operations.
Empowering the end-to-end modular content development workflow with state-of-the-art technologies and innovations, leveraging automation & personalization.

  • Content auto-tagging (taxonomy, ontology based)
  • Centralized content data management
  • AI
  • Data-driven content suggestions & recommendations \ A-B testing streams
  • Content personalization
  • Content automation

Cost reduction

Why to implement DCF?


End-to-end content production across all brands/regions


Dedicated team to serve the request


Cleverly defined time zones allow to cover 24/7 support


Local liaison and channel managers are aware of regional specifics


Continuous service with more facilities for workload distribution


Omnichannel engagement across all channels/markets


Clear reporting system and content KPIs tracking

Full digital factory service model


Viseven covers all stages of end-to-end content production

Choose the right engagement model

Full configuration​

Viseven provides end-to-end delivery and support of services and all the digital initiatives at every customer experience stage

full dcf
essential digital factory

Assisted service​

Viseven specialists collaborate with in-house teams and global and local agencies to handle the development and delivery

Full Digital Content Factory Benefits for better customer experience

HCP Engagement 

  • Holistic journey mapping alongside digital and non-digital channels to support an intelligent HCP engagement model
  • Personalized communication via preferable channels at the right time. 

Global Pharma  

  • Alignment between strategy and execution ensuring holistic approach to content management
  • Increase content reuse rate from global to local up to 40%

Patient Engagement

  • Evolution of patient experience through intelligent marketing framework and wise healthcare decision making
  • Data-driven engagement based on insights analysis

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The right technology to boost Digital Content Factory capabilities

eWizard is an all-in-one solution for content management and acceleration that allows producing the enterprise content as an interconnected customer experience

Standardization of message structure and taxonomy at the global level

Rapid and agile content creation

Modular Approach implementation

Demand management and request triage

Smart co-creation model of cooperation with agencies

Full Digital Content Factory connects all digital channels ensuring end-to-end content management process 

full digital content factory


  • Global Master Template
  • iPDF-format e-Detailer presentation 
  • Remote detailing presentation
  • Mobile apps


  • Approved Email
  • Broadcast Email
  • Rep-triggered Email 


  • Web banners
  • Gif 
  • Video production
  • VR / AR
  • Webinars

Landing pages & Websites 

  • e-learning content creation
  • Content forms
  • Questionaries
  • Portals

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Viseven is Veeva’s Digital Factory
Accelerate Partner

Benefits from the mixed digital capabilities to transform your business 

  • Veeva dedicated support team for faster and more cost-effective technical issues solving
  • Viseven and Veeva sessions with customers to achieve synergy effect and apply best practices
  • Viseven can operate and fix Veeva issues directly via the customer’s sandbox
  • Standardization of problem-solving approach across all Veeva products: CRM, Vault, MyInsights, etc.

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