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is Customer Care delivering an agile and scalable operational approach with end-to-end interactive digital content production service.

Viseven DCF ensure best-in-class service with Following the Sun 24/7 support by hosting experts in Estonia, Poland, Argentina, Canada, USA, Ukraine, France, UK, Romania, India, Japan, Philippines

Why Pharma needs Digital Content Factory?

DCF brings value at all stages of Global Pharma marketing operations

Global consistency and optimization

Consulting and support with Global Content strategy development and further localization to ensure impactful & consistent brand communication worldwide that will engage HCPs and drive their loyalty.


By decoupling production from creative we are ensuring fast and efficient end-to-end content delivery (development, standardization and localization) with further rapid distribution through systems integrations. Content modularization to ensure deeper communication personalization and building omnichannel capabilities.


Getting insights from content performance tracking & analysis to optimize content production, campaign management and CX, increase NPS and improve go-to-market decisions.

DCF provides flexible content development
services across channels

Digital Content Factory works with
numerous content formats

Benefits of DCF implementation
for business

Viseven has >13 years of experience providing interactive content development service for Pharma & Life science. We have medical experts on board and are able to deliver Medical writing and Medical Marketing services.

Flexibility in operational processes, resources planning and content production process allow rapid services scaling and fast reaction on changes without losing productivity.

Viseven DCF provides a dedicated Customer Success Team to answer any inquiries and a Customer Support Team available 24/7

Viseven DCF provides customized dashboards and advanced reporting introduced in Power BI.

Viseven DCF ensures access to a single repository of multichannel content plus a regional library and local slides.

Our portfolio

Pharma digital transformation journey
to future-ready smart content

Viseven offers a holistic approach from the content operational
foundation development to the seamless adoption of innovation


  • Ad hoc operations
  • Decentralized storage
  • Lack of content performance tracking & analysis


Structured approach to content development and storage

  • Centralized ops alignment & DAM
  • Tech stack set up
  • Operational workflow set up
  • Templatization & Content standards
  • Content reuse strategy & KPIs


Modular content/ campaigns

  • Strategic metadata and tagging
  • Modular content
  • Content planning & personalization
  • Deeper content analytics
  • Multi/Omnichannel comm strategy


Automated content / campaigns (incl. personalization and AI engine)

  • AI\ML automation
  • Content auto-tagging
  • Personalized content
  • Cross-channel content usage and tracking

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