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Viseven offers unique expert knowledge in modular content. With over a decade of experience our team can help develop and implement modular content strategies for pharma and life science companies no matter where they are located. 

Modular Content Pharma

Why Modular Content is a game-changer

Are you wondering how your pharma content can be created and reused flexibly and faster and hit your target audience while also reaching hyper-personalization?  

modular content

The modular approach in pharma marketing enables your content to be broken down into the smallest possible semantic and reusable pieces, named Modules. 

modular approach

These modules can be reused and automatically updated across channels and aligned with channel-specific attributes and structure with no changes for MLR approvals. 

content modules

Each module combines assets like the core message, media, supporting text, and corresponding references. It also has metadata that depicts the module for the system — the machine-readable tags that include the audience.

Benefits of Modular Content in Pharma

Precise tailoring of content to microsegments​

Achieve unprecedented personalization​

Where to get all the content to provide truly personalized experiences for HCPs and patients? Solve the issue by combining pre-approved modules into countless possible assemblies to cater to any sophisticated segmentation strategy.

30% faster MLR turnaround time

Reduce time-to-market with facilitated MLR

Deploy an elegant solution for a well-known content production bottleneck – and gain more flexibility. Pre-approved modules reduce the pressure on MLR boards and allow for better compliance in the content that is assembled.

60% reduction in overall content development costs

Save costs while improving quality

Eliminate duplicate effort and free up resources to focus on larger ambitions. Modular content offers a smart way of creating and managing digital assets, based on automation, workflow optimization and unification.

Make content reuse your winning tactic

Introduce a smart content reuse strategy

Establish a system where systematic content reuse is not just possible, but efficient. Track the performance of content modules to know what to reuse and get a 360° view of what to repurpose across campaigns.

Evolve your Modular Content excellence as you go, with scalable goals to attain

connected content in pharma

Connected content

Digital assets with semantically-rich content can be tagged and tracked across channels

modular content in pharma

Modular content

Orchestrate more personalized experiences and accelerate MLR through a modular strategy

smart content in pharma

Smart content

Create dynamic, measurable, and personalized content that is changed according to the targeted customer segment

An all-in-one and easy-to-use Content Experience Platform – your powerful assistant on the way to Modular

smart content management

Using eWizard and Modular Content approach – from first steps to ever higher efficiency

Comfortable start with Proof of Concept (POC) project to determine your unique needs and preferences​

Establishment of a lasting but flexible modular operations system: people, processes and tech

Smooth digital culture adoption with onboarding and playbook-based approach

Clear mapping of key messages, claims, modules, and target segments for meaningful interactions

Growing of your module library to facilitate further operations in the long-term

AI/ML based capacities, auto-tagging and more – you define the heights to reach

Success Stories & Case Studies on Modular Approach

Implementing Modular Content to balance personalization, quality and cost-efficiency in pharma-HCP communication

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