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Digital Production for Life Sciences and Pharma

Viseven is the marketing technology services provider that offers clients a variety of digital production services ranging from virtual reality technology to mobile app development. Our experts specialize in patient engagement solutions that will help your pharma and life science business become digital.

digital production

Mobile Apps Development for HCP & Patient Engagement

Personalize customer experience and optimize business processes

Provide better education opportunities to field and sales forces

Straighten patients’ awareness and adherence

Reach a higher level of personalization with HCPs

We Develop Different Types
of Mobile Applications

From idea to realization 

Native Apps

Hybrid Apps

Web Apps development
Web Apps development

Web Apps

Web Apps development
Web Apps development

Viseven expertise in mHealth apps development for physicians, patients, and pharmacists

CLM Mobile
App for Healthcare

pharmaceutical apps

Physician App​

App features to improve HCP performance and ease their daily tasks

  • ​Patient visit calendar​
  • ​Treatment instructions​​
  • ​All interaction data between physicians and patients is stored​
  • Dosing calculators​
  • ​File storage​​

Patient App

App modules implemented for patient convenience

  • Health monitoring​
  • ​Programs to support patients with chronic diseases​​​
  • Questionnaires, quizzes, and surveys​
  • Medication reminders​​
  • ​Calculators

CRM Mobile
App for Healthcare

Health App development

Health App

Developed for patients and their health tracking

Cloud Technologies in Medicine and Healthcare

Features that help automate numerous tasks

cloud health technologies

Interested in adding mHealth applications to your marketing strategy?

Professional Website & Landing Pages Development

Represent your brand in the most efficient way

pharma website development


Quality design

High conversion

Win a competition
with a high-quality website

Our solution

pharma app development

We develop web applications, websites, banners, eLearning portals, virtual and augmented reality solutions for healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers

Your results

Viseven creates web projects from
scratch and of any complexity









Create a perfect web project for your pharma marketing campaign


VR & AR Viseven Technologies

Boost customer engagement and pharmaceutical brand performance

VR & AR pharma

Immersive and individualized experiences for HCPs and patients

Data-driven insights to improve pharmaceutical brand performance 

Cost-effectiveness in presenting educational materials and trainings 

Better healthcare delivery that allows physicians to build long-lasting relationships with patients 

Virtual reality is gaining momentum
in HCP and patient engagement

VR helps:

open new horizons to educate physicians, and deepen their expertise ​

accelerate patient treatment and care

Let our experts guide you through the development process of top-quality VR & AR projects to reach your business goals

Viseven eLearning 

Optimize and streamline salesforce efficiency in HCP engagement

Viseven eLearning

We created and conducted over

0 +

Training courses for medical representatives and HCPs

Interactive workshops 

Launch & Learn sessions
for pharma marketers

Our expertise in eLearning:

Training courses

Platform for
remote interactions

Interactive presentations

educational content

Video (including 3D animations and video 360°)

Questionnaires and surveys

VR & AR apps

Education process and performance analytics

We support our clients at every stage by assisting in content development and implementation