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Interactive Email Marketing for Pharma

Interactive Emails — e-mail marketing solution featuring AMP emails components and creative design tools developed for building advanced communication with healthcare professionals, physicians, and patients, achieving  high personalization and audience engagement. 

Execution of interactive email approach is your first step to building omnichannel marketing strategies. 

interactive emails

Implement Best Practices in Interactive Email Design

Personalization is a prime example of an effective method in pharma email marketing. It proves to show higher conversions and deeper viewer engagement. Within the Interactive mail solutions tool suite, the subscribers access a wide variety of customization and personalization tools for success.  

Our easy-to-navigate, intuitive, smart email marketing solution will help your sales and marketing teams communicate well-targeted, direct messages about your website, activities, and offers while utilizing multiple design options for successful digital promotion. Pharmaceutical companies can save resources and time for the production of promotional content, videos or other assets. Analytical solutions allow you to build a thoughtful strategy, creating email marketing campaigns based on direct facts and accurate statistics.

Industry pain point

Pharma and life sciences industries often struggle to gain and keep their customers’ attention. To break through the noise, pharma marketers have to employ creative email solutions like custom design features, video, and gif content, personalized approaches, gamification elements, interactive email content, or any other professional tools that help highlight and support the key aspects of their messages.

pharma email marketing

Specialized email marketing tools are essential MarTech software for businesses in the ever-growing competition for clients’ loyalty. Viseven’s Interactive Emails is a modern, feature-full service designed for helping your team to reach out to a target audience in the most effective way and build a recognizable, attractive image for your brands.

Viseven Interactive Emails is End-to-
End Solution:

AMP email components

Allows service users to include dynamic, interactive elements for making every email outstanding. The modern app functionality is available within emails.

Creative design

Builds recognizable identity, attractive company images, highlights key data, narrates your story to the world, introduces your offers and solutions, helps support your statements, and increase conversions.

Modern communication approaches 

AI- and ML-based communications allow to estimate optimal send-time, and frequency and measure the level and forms of engagement like open rate, bounce rate, etc.

Benefits of a well-designed email marketing campaign:

benefits of interactive email marketing

Up to 300% increase in engagement

Increasing the level of your subscribers’ engagement in your communication practices up to 300% with the right email helps your pharma company to break through the noise.

Improved UX

A wide collection of modern design features, and templates for the best user experience. The service has a simple interface for constructing winning pharma emails fast and easily.

Brand awareness and loyalty

Use interactive services related to your brand’s story in a truly engaging manner. Create regular newsletters and inform your subscribers about special promotions, welcome offerings, prepare tests or survey or share relevant event reports.

Customer acquisition and retention

Template examples and graphic tools are not just for print. They will help you create an effective, eye-catching pharmaceutical email. Increase the quality of leads on your site with the help of marketing campaigns.

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