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eDetailing Pharma Solutions

Engage with healthcare professionals using the best interactive digital tools and turn them into loyal customers at reduced cost. Perfect for pharmaceutical companies, medical representatives, and marketing teams.

Everything for Cost-Efficient Pharma eDetailing Production

Ready-Made Templates

Save resources with engaging pre-built layouts designed according to the latest pharma eDetailing trends.

Template Builder

Create engaging eDetailers with no professional knowledge of web design and programming.

Multivendor Environment

Streamline large-scale production of eDetailers with stakeholders from multiple teams and third-party organizations in a single entry point.

Step-by-Step Monitoring

Control eDetailing content at each stage: briefing, creating, reviewing, translating, and approving.

AI-Enabled Translation

Translate eDetailers automatically and in seconds with the artificial intelligence engine.

Leverage the Most Essential Channel in Pharma Marketing

Omnichannel Convenience

Send eDetailers to each healthcare provider at the right moment and via the right communication channel based on individual habits and preferences.

Interactive Storytelling

Use eDetailers that have every element in the right place to tell an engaging story about your pharma product instead of promoting it.

Trustful Relationships

Bring genuine value with unique medical and scientific content, build long-term connections with healthcare professionals, and increase a brand’s image.

Want to learn more about edetailing?

Promote Pharmaceutical Products Interactively

Customer Roadmap Planning

Arrange eDetailers for omnichannel customer journeys within global and local campaigns.

Interactive Content Features

Create personalized eDetailing experience for healthcare professionals with media, animation, and navigation.

Cross-Platform Responsive eDetailers

Demonstrate promotional content on any device: tablet, smartphone, laptop, and desktop.

Strategic Insights

Use the most powerful eDetailing analytics in the pharmaceutical industry to track each interaction.

Why Create Pharma eDetailers with Viseven?


We’ve been developing pharmaceutical eDetailing software for the world’s top enterprises since 2009.


We consider your goals and needs before offering a unique custom eDetailing solution.


We provide expert eDetailing assistance throughout the entire partnership.

Faster Time
to Market

Accelerate the medical, legal, and regulatory (MLR) approval of eDetailers using the modular approach.

Which Type of eDetailing Fits Your Business?


Self-detailing is a format of engagement aimed at providing a healthcare professional with the complete freedom to explore promotional materials without the involvement of a sales representative.

Remote Detailing

Remote detailing is a practice used by pharma sales representatives to engage healthcare professionals in eDetailing materials during an online session, such as a video call or webinar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your eDetailing software different from other solutions?

The Viseven team has been providing professional eDetailing assistance to global pharmaceutical enterprises since 2009. We possess a rich and extraordinary expertise in engaging healthcare professionals of multiple domains using eDetailers of different types and purposes.
Our team includes specialists to design, produce, localize, distribute, and analyze interactive and compliant eDetailing content.

How much does it take to implement eDetailing software powered by Viseven?

Our eDetailing software is ready once you sign in and log into the system. After that, you can provide access to your team members to begin working with basic functionality immediately. Under basic functionality, we mean features like eDetailing creation and customization.

As for advanced features like data analytics and customer journey planning, it may take some time to cater these features to your organization’s needs.

Can I customize my eDetailing solution?

Absolutely. Our eDetailing solution is fully flexible. The only thing you need to do is to describe your request in detail. Once we know your organization’s requirements, we’ll customize your eDetailing solution to help your team enhance workflows and efficiently reach its goals with an intuitive interface, the necessary tools and features, and the latest technology.

Can I entirely or partially address my eDetailing solution to you?

Of course. For such requests, we offer Digital Content Factory. With this end-to-end solution, you get 24.7 access to a fully-fledged team of professionals who perform all necessary operations based on an agile and scalable approach.

Ready to Explore Our Pharmaceutical eDetailing Solutions?

Tell us about your demands, discover eDetailing best practices in pharma, and learn how to build trustful relationships with HCPs. Contact us now, and our specialist will get back to you shortly.

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