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Viseven Group delivers solutions to communicate with stakeholders across channels via personalized content. We empower internal and external Digital Content Factory and Digital Managers with eWizard platform to reduce production costs, simplify localizations and facilitate review process.

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We are a full service digital agency engaged in creation, implementation and maintenance of innovative custom solutions for pharma, FMCG, medical devices and life sciences industry since 2009. Within healthcare sector, we are most well-known as the team behind the eWizard content management platform.



We create CLM agnostic digital content – eDetailing, mobile apps, Salesforce.com apps, educational VR and AR apps and videos. Our most comprehensive solution, the Digital Content Factory, empowers the entire content lifecycle and streamlines communication between marketing teams and external agencies.



Viseven Europe is a global company with over 250 employees located in 5 international offices in Canada, Estonia, Ukraine and Russia. Our partnerships extend over numerous countries and regions worldwide, from the Netherlands to Kazakhstan – the majority of them being in the life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors.


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