The Era of Interactive Emails is Coming: Opportunities and Threats

The rise of dynamic emails is the best thing that could’ve happened to email since probably the creation of email marketing. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities for content engagement. We send more than 2 billion emails for personal and industrial reasons every day. Email is one of the most popular lead generation tactic in marketing as far as it is one of the most trusted online information source among users. Dynamic email content may also be referred to as AMP emails is a brand new trend in email and pharma marketing in 2020. AMP for email is able to turn your static letter into an interactive and dynamic story. Google first officially launched AMP emails in 2019, and it was a real boom in digital email marketing. Now it has been a year after Google’s announcement and it’s time to take a look at how AMP has improved email user experience. Also, we’ll talk about what opportunities and threats are fraught with it.

What is Dynamic Content in Email Marketing?

These days, people are eager to receive content that meets their needs and desires, and marketers are ready for some gimmickry to satisfy and retain their customers. Dynamic content is the automatic solution used in email marketing, enabling customizing blocks of text and images in accordance with the specified values. Interactive AMP emails, providing marketers with personalized dynamic content based on data such as gender, age, behavior, interests, preferences, and location of the user.

Types of Dynamic Content

  • Variable substitution represents interchangeable fields in the email template where the recipient’s personal data (users name, location) are registered. This sets a certain level of personalization, but quite minimal.
  • Content insertion sets a much deeper level of personalization. In other words, you can switch out sections of content, phrases, paragraphs, and images, or even create emails in multiple languages.

Using dynamic content in your email campaign may help your marketing campaign to win the competition for brand loyalty, increase revenue, and save time.

Types of Dynamic Emails

  • Time-sensitive emails cause a sense of timeliness and relevance of the message rather than a sense of spam. Typically is used with a countdown timer and a call-to-action to prompt the user to purchase.
  • Abandoned survey emails are used if the shopper has put the product in the basket but did not complete the purchase. This type of e-mail motivating the user to back into the website and complete the purchase.
  • Language-based emails set a deep level of users’ engagement. You can send emails that will be customized for each user depending on their browser language, or the information about the preferred language.

How to use Dynamic Emails in Pharma?

Pharma industry chooses email as a leading means of communication. HCPs prefer to communicate via email because they consider it the most convenient way to be aware of the latest industry news, not to mention that emails have a great impact if they act as a follow up to a rep meeting. Email is always ready to be read and clicked on at any time. 60% of physicians read emails primarily on their smartphones. That’s why the mobile-friendliness of AMP emails plays a significant role in their marketability. AMP emails also save Pharma’s time and costs for the production of rep-triggered email campaigns, empowering other channels of communication. In this case, the dynamic emails work together with other channels (eDetailing, remote detailing) providing a deep personalization between sales representatives and sales HCPs. Moreover, the implementation of AMP could make their lives easier, allowing to fill out surveys, order samples, or co-pay cards right in the email body. However, surely, the main value of AMP emails is in the deployment of newsletters campaigns considering an interactive nature of AMP emails.

Unconstrained Opportunities of AMP Email

1. Provocation to Act

Previously, to take some action in your email, you had to follow a link, open a new tab and then switch to another web page. Dynamic email content has transformed our conception of opportunities for interacting with HTML email. AMP email allows adding many interactive elements like a carousel, accordion, buy buttons, and other components, turning it into a dynamic experience for the user. Now, subscribers can respond to invitations, polls, page through catalogs, basket goods, leave comments, or perform many other actions right in the email body. This allows utilizing the user’s time and avoiding unnecessary jumping between pages.


2. Bit of Personal Touch

Personalization is an important Pharma Digital Marketing Technique. A successful marketing campaign makes every customer feel exceptional one. Just entering the username in the email template and considering it personalized is like swimming in shallow water these days. AMP email allows marketers to personalize more effectively their mailout. Interactive email allows creating accurate user profiles receiving data about their preferences, collecting customer feedback. Sometimes people unsubscribing from emails due to content that’s no longer relevant. All content inside emails is updatable (e.g, dates of the events, images, blocks, prices, and many more) to always provide subscribers with fresh and relevant information.

3. Be Ahead of the Game

Today you have a chance to be one step ahead of the competitors using AMP in your marketing campaign. As far as it is still a relatively new thing at the market, it will take a little time before this technology will be widely deployed. Moreover, the automated process of dynamic email creation develops an intimate understanding of their audience and, as a result, higher ROI and brand loyalty. So, while your competitors are still into plastic communication, you can enjoy a vibrant online presence with AMP!

The Possible Threats of AMP Email

Although it seems this technology should not have any flaws, there is no sun without a shadow. However, Google claims to be in the process of solving this problem, for now, we’ll just leave it here.

 Unlikeliness to Increase Your Site Traffic

One of the obvious drawbacks of AMP technology is unlikeliness to increase your site traffic. The thing is that AMP content has a Google URL and is located on Google servers. But then again, this is more likely a temporary problem, since Google is already working on a solution to this problem, and a smart publisher always has a backup plan.

Unreliable Analytics

Unfortunately, AMP does not set the standard for quality analytics. You will not have much data to work with to improve your visitor’s experience. You will receive just basic metrics like visitors and engagement.

It’s a Complex Thing

Development of AMP email may turn into a quite challenging task from a technical point of view. Your specialists will have to learn many new skills. For example, an extra study of HTML and CSS to create effects and functionality, learning of the AMP coding specification as well as markup language. This type of email has its own unique well-documented media tags, unique content, and layout. We invite you to entrust the creation of dynamic emails to our team of Email Marketing Experts, since they have an answer to any of these problems.

AMP + eWizard = Perfect Email Marketing Alliance

Here, at Viseven, we are very happy that even today, with eWizard at hand, marketers engaged in email campaigns can:

  • Save tons of time and budget resources on your mailing campaign by endlessly reusing pre-approved master templates;
  • Create a new unique email in no time by placing ready-made content modules (footer, text with image, graph, etc.);
  • Publish email to Veeva Vault automatically, review, approve, then export and distribute to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

However, we keep our ear to the ground when it comes to digital innovations. We are believers, with an ambitious goal to always be pathbreakers in the pharmaceutical industry! We were very enthusiastic to explore limitless opportunities for this email format. Our email development specialists immediately started to make plans about how it could reinforce eWizard platform, and thus fundamentally elevate HCPs engagement. We started by considering all possibilities and threats and being a pretty feisty team, we chose to accept the challenge. Therefore, we want to prepare all eWizard users to one great upcoming implementation! Soon you can enjoy dynamic content inside eWizard email templates. Dynamic content inside eWizard native templates will offer a variety of ways to create interactive emails. Show the world your unique brand identity, simultaneously keeping brand consistency and empowering personalized messages.

Don’t miss a chance to add more interactivity to your email marketing campaign! Try perfect authoring solution enabling the creation of multichannel based, personalized, and now dynamic emails. We invite you to contact our team of Email Channel Experts and get a free eWizard demo and explore the creation of dynamic email chef d’oeuvres!