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How to Create Rep-Triggered Emails to Expand your engagement with healthcare professionals

rep-triggered emails

Targeted and automated email campaigns are still one of the most honored sources of marketing that brings real value to HCP engagement for the last decade. They are the primary force among other communication channels in marketing. Therefore, we are up to plunge into the subject.

Pharma email marketing: what is rep-triggered email and how is it different from a broadcast?

A little bit of rep-triggered email definition (or approved) and broadcast (automated) emails:

Rep-triggered (in such well-known systems as Veeva, ‘Approved’) emails are targeted and personalized (only to one client). Medical sales reps use this type to send welcome emails or follow-ups with presentation shows or other customized information. These emails widen alternatives for customers to interact with credible approved content efficiently with timely and coherent follow-up material given by pharma reps.

Broadcasts (automated) emails are addressed to the whole HCP segment (for mass mailing). Such emails allow to reduce expenses on digital marketing and in its turn bring cost-effective customer engagement to bigger categories of customers.

Here is more in-depth information.

Broadcast email campaigns

A kind of correspondence sent to a wide array of customers by a marketing team:

  • it is not customized, so it is relevant for the whole HCP segment
  • broadcast emails give generalized and complete information regarding the brand to medical professionals. It covers a sustained number of audiences bringing medical and commercial updates.
  • give a big advantage to pre-define and get email approved in advance.

Rep triggered email campaigns

Despite specific materials of any kind you are filling in your campaigns, they should be pre-defined and pre-approved as far as you communicate with a person. To deliver your message to your specific audience, you should be keen to move on with a personalized approach in your outreach.

Types of triggered emails could be utilized by medical sales rep as:

  • ​welcome or post-visit communications (invitation or follow-up) ​

  • part of the Patient Support Program​

  • scientific articles and professional information​

  • e-learning: invitation, information about courses

You can directly use a CRM application to send approved content through email providing the HCPs with customized sales messages. It allows the building of tailored digital communication for long-term relationships.

triggered email marketing

At present, almost 37% of HCPs utilize social media networks to be in contact with colleagues, pharmaceutical representatives, or patients. Roughly 57% of specialists report their intentions to use them in the future.

Why is it important to use email campaigns in omnichannel pharma marketing?

The omnichannel approach, in short, has given a series of new opportunities for marketing, especially, the ability to create relevant customer experience as one inseparable while making it as flat as a pancake both online and offline. Does it sound like something promising? Many market players confirm it.

At the same time, it remains a bit of a challenge. The omnichannel approach in the pharma industry is a kind of delicate needlework, meaning that customers have to be continuously involved through a variety of communication channels regarding the company’s product, services, or other messages. Despite its massive work on planning and delivering huge amounts of content, rep triggered email is a great way to inform your clients about your latest news and deliver your key message directly. It is not surprising that pharmaceutical email marketing is still a bit of a rough stone, meanwhile, research shows us its productive approach in great numbers.

How to push forward a brand plus upskill your HCPs at once:

Top 5 tips for an outstanding:

1. Shooting targeted rep emails

You can increase email relevancy through personalized and approved email campaigns to build up customer relationships and personalized marketing, which would provide you with an opportunity to carry on customer loyalty and magnify brand recognition. Sales managers would smoothly fill the gap and improve HCP outreach with this brand-new content approach.

2. Timely communication with target audience

It allows the announcement of new medicine updates via rep triggered emails as well as covering those physicians who are hardly available to catch up by rendezvous or visit the website for required information.

3. By deeper impact

Such channels as personalized email marketing campaigns enhance communication by combining diverse channels, such as live meetings, online conferences, messengers, presentations, and a coherent experience for customers.

4. Evaluate the quality

You can always track customer attention to your HCPs email campaigns by checking the reaction of recipients. It opens a road to make the content more personalized and up-to-date to meet clients’ needs. This marketing strategy allows evaluating open rates, click rates, the number of unsubscribes, etc. This metrics system provides a completed image of letter campaign efficiency.

5. Supply only applicable content

Boost product recognition by approved email marketing messages to educate your customers. This way reps can build long-term relations with physicians as well as retention strategies.

How to proceed with triggered emails? Best practices

What about keeping effective communication with HCPs? The answer is to allocate an effective software for pharmaceutical email marketing that allows sending approved content to boost communication with medical professionals. And that is it, here is a solution in the air that works like that:

eWizard platform is a tool for omnichannel marketing that coincides with the main content rules in the pharma industry. eWizard would come in handy for marketing specialists when they need to create, update or localize content as a sole proprietor or as a company. This platform is a multichannel content creation software that supplies rapid, smooth demanded content.

  • commercial and medical compliance workflow

  • MLR review and approval

  • one-click delivery to any system

  • global-to-local re-use

There is also an Email Templates option in eWizard that gives means to create and edit industry-segmented email templates and distribute them for marketing campaigns through one of the in-built mailing providers. So it is a universal tool for rep triggered emails and automated marketing emails with an integrated solution for management, localization, and creation.

Short guidance on how to send approved email in eWizard

 Step 1 – Build an email

If you are going to create a rep-triggered email or fragment for the approved email, it would be easier to choose a target system, for example, Veeva Vault . It works perfectly as the triggered email campaign automation tool that collects customer engagement data.

Step 2 – Pour content into your email

Define the key message of your content and then take a few successful email examples from sales reps. Personalize your email (or fragment) based on data collected from customers’ behavior so it will deliver demanded content to the target audience. You can open in Edit mode and be changed it accordingly.

Step 3 – Publish your email to the target system

Process your email to Veeva Vault or Salesforce Marketing Cloud to make the email visible for both marketers and medical reps.

Step 4 – Approve triggered email

The email can be reviewed in eWizard. When your company utilizes Veeva Vault approval, publish it as a PDF to Veeva Vault.

Step 5 – Post your email

When the approval is completed, put the email to the target system where you are going to use it according to its purpose. Once your email is published to the target system, it can be opened by just following the link on the publication results page.

*(publish your Rep-triggered email as an Interactive email to Veeva Vault; publish your Broadcast email to Salesforce Marketing Cloud)

Fair to say that email marketing will keep on performing and engaging productively further due to its advantages that are open to pharma marketers and sales reps. It leads to more opportunities to boost business growth as well as widen product recognition with a creative approach

Thus eWizard tools set is a powerful user-friendly pharma software toolkit for approved email campaigns launch. eWizard templates will give a great number of methods to build new emails with a customized approach. To try on, take a free eWizard journey here.

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