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How to create email templates in eWizard


Oh no, email is not dying because of all the disruptive comm tech emerging, dear, especially if we are talking healthcare and pharmaceuticals. If anything, this channel has been thriving and evolving lately – into, to put it humbly, a hyper-personalized occasion-based super-email. Resistance is futile; don’t even try to dismiss that one! And to be completely fair, why should email be fading? Doctors prefer this channel of communication to any other and just happen to love receiving personalized emails. And ‘personalized’ here doesn’t mean inserting the right name or sending dry birthday wishes. A sleek, well-designed, mobile-friendly, to-the-point-and-occasion message is what this audience is after.

And so are the pharma marketers! They know far too well that a well-tuned email is a source of clear KPIs as it often becomes a stepping stone for deeper engagement. So, bulk emailing? I beseech you never to utter these words again. The last thing marketers want is for their work to be directed right to the spam folder. So, to prevent this occurrence, email categorization becomes a-la-mode approach. Personalizing mildly, so to speak. Right now, pharma marketers are emailing HCPs for at least 4 types of reasons: engaging new audiences, categorized emails on specialization, pre-meeting/follow-up emails and invitations to virtual/IRL events.

eWizard Templates as The solution

The only thing is…an email of today takes lot of effort (read: time and budget) to make. Just imagine, with all the approval procedures unavoidable in healthcare industry and a lot of manual work when introducing every change, a single email can take up to 4 (four!) hours to complete. That’s why solutions like templates have become so popular.

Email templates exist across businesses in different shapes and forms, but the main point is, they solve a lot of overarching issues of digital marketing. Just take a look at what businesses can achieve with templates at hand:

  • Harmonized design, structure and interactivity across brands and countries;
  • At the same time, a lot of flexibility to structure and content of the email;
  • Close to none of emails created ad-hoc;
  • Easy updates, quick time-to-market, efficient email campaigns.

Sounds effortless, right? This bullet list can become characteristic of your marketing campaign, if your templates consist of blocks and they, in turn, consist of components – approved building blocks to switch around and combine. The point of this ‘nesting doll’ is getting pre-designed templates, which consist of blocks formed by components, all of which are available within a single content management and approval system. All of which are adaptable to any type of screen (tablet, mobile, laptop), all of which are available within eWizard platform. Let’s see how this magic works.

Workflow of how to build a generic template

When you log into your eWizard account, you automatically land on the tab of eDetailers. While in eWizard you can also create templates for CLM presentations, that’s not what we are here for. We need to switch to Email templates tab, which redirects you to a different page where we are going to work.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is eDetailers-creation_1-1024x330.png
To start out on our own templates, you have to click on the ADD NEW button in the right corner and choose Email. A pop-up with the next options will appear and your option would be TEMPLATES – to create a new one from the available collection, Shared with me – to use template someone shared with you and MY TEMPLATES for the set of your created templates. When creating a new template, there are 4 fields to fill out – name of the template, target system, language and country. So, fill them out to your wishing and click on the template you like and CREATE.  It will be appear in your library.

To edit your copy of the template, click on the pen. A new window for editing will appear. Let’s dig in!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is eDetailers-creation_2.png
Here, you are presented with 2 ways of how to incorporate changes into your template.
On the left, there are strategic (1), contextual changes (add components, alter layouts); on the right, there are the tactical (2), technical changes you can make to the component you’ve added (color, texture, navigation, animation)
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is eDetailers-creation_3.png

Let’s explore our template. It consists of several blocks of components, as you can see: header, text body, calendar date, CTA button, an image block and footer.

Let’s explore the strategic bar. On the left, there are many options of replacing any of those blocks.

Let’s say, we don’t like the way our header looks. Let’s replace it with a slightly different kind of header, the one which attracts the social media connections. Same goes for any other element on the template – just drag and drop the new agenda for a conference, a CTA or anything else of the substance.

After you’ve completed incorporating strategic changes, it’s time to add some tactical details. Let’s change the date and the message.

Or add a picture from the Storage of approved Digital Assets. You can take your assets from Vault too either at the point of ADD NEW (see point 2) or later on at other stages.

Last steps – Send a test email to check whether everything works as needed.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is eDetailers-creation_4.jpg

The publish goes without saying! Our workflow wouldn’t be complete without integration with the best content management systems there are in place: Veeva Vault, IQVIA, Salesforce Marketing Cloud. So, publish the template to the system of your preference!

This way, your template will be useable and reusable across:

  • Approved email in Veeva Systems
  • Broadcast email in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Сompliant email in IQVIA

eWizard-native templates will provide you with the infinite variety of ways to create new emails, so you can leverage creativity while retaining your brand identity, keep brand consistency and afford personalized message. If you want to see the full picture of how it works, drop us a line and get your full version of this demo!