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eWizard is an enterprise-level multichannel content management platform that helps plan, brief, create, modularize, build, translate, approve and deploy (distribute) brand content at scale.

Our solution enriches and facilitates data collection and analysis for brand content that is distributed as eDetailers, rep-triggered emails, broadcast emails and landing pages content products to the target systems.


eWizard Key Platform Capabilities


Content & campaign planning

Align cross-functional marketing teams together in one workspace environment. Plan marketing campaigns and journeys, assign tasks, select due dates and keep everyone on the same page. Using eWizard, Global & Local teams can view the calendar and dashboard, taking the most out of it.


Modular approach

For the team with a huge production demand, modularize the content at scale. Prepare information and all the needed content elements (fragments, modules, templates) for future modular content production and reuse.


MLR process acceleration

eWizard content approval process assistance features help to accelerate the content pre-approval and approval processes and to streamline future process automation possibilities.


Taxonomy alignment (tagging, content navigation)

Align metadata and taxonomy across global and local teams. Support brand communication consistency.


Translation automation

Localization and translation process enabling at scale. Content production cost elimination.


Multivendor environment management

Unite Global & Local teams together with multiple agencies under eWizard platform with standardized content to share, reuse, repurpose, automate


Publishing automation

Easily publish or export the content. Our seamless integration with Veeva line of products automates the process and speed up time to market.


Data & Insights

Empower content performance analytics at scale, track team productivity, content reuse, and brand content go-to-market timeline.

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Business outcomes of eWizard integration:

  • save up to 50% of operational costs for content production;

  • speed up by 45% of the content time to market;

  • improve the Content quality by standardizing processes;

  • accelerate the MLR process by 30% reducing the turnaround time (TAT);

  • increase Customer satisfaction by personalizing experience.

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eWizard supports multiple
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Landing pages and


Sales enablement

Social microcontent

Resource library

Web banners


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