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Building a Salesforce Tool for a Biotech Giant 

Amgen Viseven case study

While most publications emphasize how leading pharma companies use tech to discover and create innovative drugs, for many businesses, digital transformation extends far beyond the lab setting. Digital solutions help industry players analyze and understand the healthcare providers’ (HCPs) behaviors and better meet their changing needs.  

Yet, to reach these goals, brands must do their homework: organize massive customer datasets, keep them continuously updated, and bring this data to life through user-friendly visuals. Our client, a biopharmaceutical company, knows this firsthand, benefiting from an advanced MarTech solution that gives a bird’s eye view of customers’ data. 

About Our Client 

The biopharmaceutical and biotechnology giant, operating in over 100 countries, offers a lifeline to millions of patients with complex illnesses like cancer and inflammatory conditions. Timely access to these essential services can make a life-saving difference. To prevent any delays, it is pivotal for this pharma brand to continually engage with HCPs and keep the lines of communication open.  


The biopharmaceutical company found itself sitting on a goldmine of customer data within its Salesforce environment. However, this wealth of information presented a challenge – how to effectively organize the data and make it readily accessible to the employees.  

Equally important was trimming the time employees spent wrestling with data updates. Lack of data management made it tough to put a finger on what data was accurate and relevant. Mountains of raw numerical data also left marketing teams blind to patterns in HCPs’ behaviors, affecting their capacity to deliver value to these professionals. 

To solve this, they needed a team with deep Salesforce development expertise and a proven track record in building Lightning Web Components (LWC) applications. Having worked well with Viseven before, the client knew we were the perfect choice to build it. 

Our Process 

We started with a discovery stage, which is a standard part of our process: we gathered the client’s requirements and identified the project scope. Based on these findings, we decided to create a separate module in the Salesforce platform where users can view customer lists, select a particular customer, and assign an account manager to oversee that customer’s account. 

To enhance functionality and efficiency, our team ensured the client could: 

  • Set up new therapeutic areas  
  • Set up new marks or picklist values for tables  
  • Rename, create, and deactivate sections in widgets 
  • Add and delete sections in the rich text format 
  • Update the information in the tables  
  • Draw diagrams and process flows  
  • Export the data in PDF. 

To ensure continuous adherence to client’s expectations, we arranged weekly meetings with a client and conducted frequent demos and user acceptance testing. 


The project is still ongoing, but the Salesforce tool has already brought many benefits to the client’s team: 

  • Data-driven decisions: They can now leverage data to improve engagement with healthcare providers (HCPs).  
  • Enhanced communication: Data visualizations make it easier to share insights across the team.  
  • Increased agility: Employees can adjust their strategies on the fly based on up-to-date data.  
  • Global scalability: The tool easily adapts to different countries, streamlining operations.  
  • Faster, more accurate targeting: The ability to make updates minimizes errors in decision-making and ensures more precise targeting efforts. 

If you need MarTech development services, feel free to contact us – we are always ready to help. 

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