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Viseven is a Salesforce Consulting Partner

Salesforce Consulting Partner

TALLINN, Estonia, April 30, 2020 – Viseven Group is happy to announce its newly acquired status as a Salesforce Consulting Partner. Having an extensive history of mutually beneficial collaboration with, the entire team is proud of involvement with the world’s most recognized business platform – and looking forward to the new opportunities of bringing genuine value to our customers in life sciences. The connection and integration of Viseven’s powerful eWizard multichannel pharma content authoring platform with Salesforce allows to elevate the benchmarks even further.

The entry to the Consulting Partner Program confirms the alignment of Viseven Group’s strategic goals with the values embodied in the Salesforce community. The program is focused on Customer Success, Innovation and Engagement – three core principles that resonate perfectly with what Viseven does for life sciences companies in the realm of digital transformation: attaining omnichannel excellence and value-driven brand communications based on tech solutions and impeccably personalized content. Working along the lines envisioned by the Program will allow to further expand Viseven’s own ecosystem of collaborations and offerings spectrum to drive that vision.

By now, Viseven has been providing expert assistance and content development services to global pharmaceutical companies for 10+ years along several lines:

  • multi- and omnichannel expertise
  • omnichannel content development (eDetailing, email templates, websites, mobile, VR and AR applications, CRM and CLM capacities)
  • transformation in the content supply chain with the unique eWizard platform

eWizard, an end-to-end multichannel content authoring solution for life sciences, provides an extended set of tools that cover pharma and agencies’ industry-specific needs in content creation, reuse, adaptation (including localization) and management. Throughout the history of the platform, this vast range of applications has called for a broad integration scope. Notably, eWizard is integrated with Veeva Suite (which features the Salesforce-based Veeva CRM).

To bridge the customers’ email strategy with the overall omnichannel excellence, Viseven has integrated the platform with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This allows eWizard users to create and update high quality mobile-friendly email templates, while also enjoying automated publication to the Marketing Cloud for use. In this way, Viseven connects the pharma content world with the array of Salesforce business activities – a solution that many customers have specifically pointed out as a major win.

Viseven Group’s mission is firmly established: we help pharma companies provide omnichannel experiences for stakeholders, build value-based relationships and spread the word about innovation in their field. How do we achieve this? Expert-led digital transformation, professionally crafted content – and an innovative approach. Our collaboration with Salesforce is an essential driver of success along these lines, especially when you consider how firmly entrenched solutions are in the business processes of our customers. Working to build upon these capabilities and provide for even higher achievements is a large part of what we do.

Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO

Currently, eWizard platform boasts a substantial set of integrations, covering the needs specific to the pharmaceutical industry. In terms of email, the solution allows pharma brands to:

  • Repurpose preapproved brand master email templates to be used in Veeva (Approved Email) and SFMC
  • Build email content modules to mix and match (header, image+text, etc.)
  • Automatically publish user-assembled email templates to Veeva Vault for review and approval
  • Export the approved email template to Salesforce Marketing Cloud for distribution

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, Viseven provides a team of certified specialists and consultants who skillfully guide the customer through the entire process of implementing the new omnichannel approach, from developing a strategic roadmap and platform configuration to training and maintenance.

At the time of this writing, Viseven includes a number of Salesforce certified professionals holding the title of:

  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer
  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant​

It is the company’s endeavor to extend the number of certified specialists as early as by the end of Q2 2020, as well as to work with Salesforce to provide more possibilities to life sciences customers.

Want to learn more about how to use the maximum potential of SFMC for your brand’s omnichannel success? Contact our experts to find out how the possibilities of Salesforce and eWizard platform can boost efficiency and fit your strategic objectives.

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