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Salesforce & Mobile App Integration for interacting Healthcare Community 

salesforce healthcare case study

Client Profile:

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Location: USA
Size: 37,000+

Technology: IOS, Windows
Platform: Salesforce 

Company Bio 

The client is a global healthcare company empowering people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life. They provide access to medicines, advance sustainable operations, develop innovative solutions and leverage collective expertise to connect more people to more products and services. 

Project Overview 

The client was looking to create a unified system for collecting requests from medical reps to effectively engage with HCPs. As a global pharmaceutical company, it was important for the client to unify these processes since the rules and regulations governing HCP engagement vary from one country to another, and it is necessary for the client to remain compliant. 

Why Viseven?

Viseven actualized many successful projects for the clients in the past, such as various Myforce CRM customizations as well as projects involving eDetailer and eWizard. The client was very pleased with the services we provided and did not hesitate to approach us with a new custom software development project. 

Business Challenge 

While creating a unified system for collecting requests from medical reps for engaging with HCPs is not a big challenge in and of itself, the project became more complex as we went along. One of the complications was that the client did not have a detailed vision and understanding of the functionality of the tool, which meant that we would need to gather the requirements ourselves, depending on the business needs. 

salesforce app integration

In addition to this, we needed to implement complex system-to-system integrations while maintaining strict legal compliance with laws and regulations in 50 countries. All of this needed to be developed from scratch, starting with the business owner’s idea and all the way to roll-out and support. The end solution would be rolled on in 6 stages across 50 European countries. 

Solution Delivered to the Client 

Viseven developed a product called the Handy Tool, which works on the web inside Salesforce as well as on mobile applications for iOS and Windows. Medical reps can create requests in the Handy Tools and the system dynamically shows all the fields which need to be filled in and automatically identifies approvers for each of the requests. 

There is also an approval flow automation, which helps speed up processes of signing the docs, approval from direct managers/supervisors and from different functions, like Finance, Medical, and Legal, for a given interaction 

Our business analyst and project manager gathered all of the requirements from the client while meeting strict development timelines for the development of each feature. Communication was maintained with key stakeholders via agreed regular meetings and emailed status reports. A communication plan was developed during the Project Planning phase and agreed upon with business stakeholders, such as the product owner and project sponsor.  

Viseven provided a dedicated Project Manager who maintained all ongoing communication with the client. All discovered risks and problems were discussed during the regular status check meetings and presented to key stakeholders. 


So, what we have done? Here are the main points, which we are proud of in this Salesforce healthcare case study:

  • Salesforce & Mobile App Integration
  • Relieved Adaptation of Med Reps to Regulations
  • Reduced Manual Work
  • Documentation Automation
  • Automated Approval Flows
  • System-to-system Integrations with Legal Compliance in 50 countries

Use the form below to request a case study in PDF format and learn about IT software, designed to support processes for interacting with the healthcare community.

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