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Viseven at Veeva Commercial Summit

Veeva Commercial Summit
Connecting sales, medical & marketing pros

Let’s share commercial excellence experience
May 2 - 3, 2023
Boston, MA, USA
All about innovation

Veeva gathers pharma sales and marketing professionals under one roof so that they could share their experiences, learn, and simply have a good time together. Every interested Veeva customer and healthcare professional is welcome as well.

Veeva Commercial Summit 2023
Something for everyone

There is always a change for better in pharma marketing. Facing the issues concerning customer engagement and retention, content production at scale, strict regulation, and others, businesses have to come up with solutions. Get to know how the top market players tackle these challenges and see if you can follow the example.

Find Viseven team at Booth S-22

Meet Viseven CEO
Nataliya Andreychuk Viseven CEO
Nataliya is the co-founder & CEO of Viseven. She started the company over a decade ago with two of her trusted partners. 
To date, Nataliya has more than twenty years of experience in sales and marketing. As the CEO of Viseven, 
Nataliya Andreychuk leverages digital transformation by delivering a personalized approach and implementing change management for all the major industry players. 

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