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Reuters Customer Engagement USA 2023

Viseven a Reuters USA 2023
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Pharma Customer Engagement USA 2023

October 2 - 3, 2023
Hilton Penn's Landing
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Viseven a Reuters USA 2023

Viseven attendees: Nataliya Andreychuk, Michael DePalma, Leonardo Sanchez.

Nataliya will also lead a workshop on October 2, 3-4pm.

Topic: Navigate the AI Landscape to hone precision targeting to activate HCPs

Rethink HCP engagement
With more channels than ever we still have struggles with personalization

Reuters Pharma Customer Engagement provides a platform for discussion how to meet and surpass HCPs expectations. More than 30 speakers will describe the innovative solutions their companies use right now or plan on implementing. Join to be a part of better future for Pharma, together!

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