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Modular content: Pivot Your Content Strategy on the Fly

modular growth strategy

The path of omnichannel in pharma has its twists and turns. However, this approach has turned into a daily routine of those who’s committed to delivering first-class experiences to their customers.

It has changed the digital environment for good as pharma companies and digital solutions providers can no longer stick to just producing content — the realities require something greater than that: a new method of disseminating messages and materials.

How do top pharmaceutical enterprises run this approach and pivot their omnichannel content strategy on the fly? An answer is a modular approach.

This article is a sneak peek of a real-world case showing how the most flexible approach to content creation makes the highest impact on the customers.

The game with the flexible modules

If this is your first time hearing about modular content, these words are worth remembering as it inevitably becoming a substantial part of omnichannel marketing. Moreover, the flexibility of this approach makes it suitable to exist in any market environment.

In July, the pharmaphorum’s How to Win With a Multichannel Approach in Pharma webinar in association with our experts became explosive. That session lifted the veil on the value of modular content in modern digital communication and provided many insights on how, with its help, pharma companies build highly targeted customer journeys.

For those who missed the debate, modular content exists in the form of flexible modular units used in various channel-specific templates. They consist of a claim that is combined by supporting text and/or media and references. Together they are approved to be used across the channels. It means that you don’t have to create each piece of content from scratch and then compile all the materials together, review and approve it item by item. This significantly reduces the time and efforts you have to apply to content production. What’s more, such fragments can be used across channels – apart from an eDetailer in an email, and part of the email in a landing page, and so on.

More wins of modular content:

  • Accelerated content production
  • Rapid updates
  • Compliance with branding guidelines (materials can be pre-approved)
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Light-speed MLR
  • More personalized approach becomes available
  • Measurable impact
  • Omnichannel support

Omnichannel content excellence with modular approach


Today, increasing customer expectations and changing competitive dynamics require more effective and impactful content with ever less investment. Therefore, the use of omnichannel activities calls for clearer governance and a higher content reuse rate. Again and again, it proves beneficial to set up a single workflow, where all assets are perfectly aligned, approved, and can be used repeatedly across multiple channels.

This is what one of our global TOP 50 clients was interested in when they came to us early in 2020. We applied our expertise to establish more efficient practices in content management to streamline production without disrupting the current operations but with a possibility to scale the remodeled approach to multiple regions. This table is a chronology of changes we had to perform from today to tomorrow:

Before After
Go-to-market speed •          10 weeks between local customer requirements definition & agency briefing

•          6 weeks between agency briefing & MLR approval/
# of iterations

•          3 weeks for local transcreation & coding

Time reduction, as a modular template approach will reduce the number of iterations to develop content by pre-structuring formats and accelerating MLR approval
Cost efficiency •          Cancellation fee ~7% of transcreation invoice

•          ~ 6,000 Euros for creative agency/cycle per asset and country

•          ~ 4,000 – 6,000 Euros for local transcreation and coding/cycle per asset and country

Reduced costs for global transcreation as earlier demand forecasting lowers the cancellation rate

Lower local transcreation and coding costs due to higher re-use rate of material, based on improved searching function (incl. metadata tagging) and automated coding

Content effectiveness •          Average HCP satisfaction score of 3.2

•          Average sales reps satisfaction score of 2.7

Improved HCP satisfaction due to systematic and centralized customer insights generation from local teams and sales reps

Improved sales reps satisfaction as clearly defined modules allow sales reps to precisely addressing key messages


The project at hand required technological solutions to translate our vision into a reality. We engaged eWizard in the process to respond, pivot faster, and better with the modular powers contained in the platform. It became the feasible solution to supply the content in the amounts required and maintain a cost-efficient, coherent messaging. The platform has a library of approved digital assets to be reused. A single asset can travel across channels and projects, coming in handy for content creation whenever needed. This intelligent approach is designed to create highly personalized content with the ability to build a targeted customer journey.

The gradual rollout on the markets started with the pilot spanning 5 markets to test the opportunities and possible challenges to work on further on the way. This was followed by a wave of regional rollouts in full scale.

According to the newly established workflow, whenever a new content item is to be created, a chain process of instant evaluation is performed to determine what work can be excluded from the scope (as it has already been performed on other content items) and optimize the resource allocations.

In this way, instead of a simple creation of content, a more flexible transcreation process allows for quicker assets’ production.

Modular content is no longer a fancy legend, it’s the intelligent approach to content production we have mastered. The evolution is going on, therefore we adjusted the eWizard platform for the practical needs that arise in this respect.

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