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How Viseven Helped Pharma Leader Reinvent Customer Relations Through Accessible Medical Content 

How Viseven Helped a Pharma Leader Reinvent Customer Relations Through Content

A leading pharmaceutical company sought to not just promote its products, but create a unique, engaging platform for the HCPs to stay informed at their own pace. They recognized the power of memorable, relevant content — however, standing out in a crowded and highly competitive industry would require an innovative approach. 

Client Overview 

The client is a top 10 European pharmaceutical company selling Rx and OTC products globally across multiple markets and regions. Their audiences include healthcare professionals spanning diverse specialties, languages, and cultures. 


While the company had successful product promotion strategies, they aimed to take a fresh perspective and explore new approaches. The goal was to build deeper connections with customers through content that was uniquely valuable, personalized, and inspiring rather than simply product-focused. However, delivering this tailored experience across varied segments raised complexity due to competition and regulatory hurdles. 

Partnership with Viseven 

The company partnered with Viseven to develop an omnichannel content strategy centered on two principles: uniqueness and accessibility. As a part of our collaboration, the viseven team too the following steps: 

  • Conducted extensive market research to understand audience needs, cultural nuances, and areas to differentiate. 
  • Assembled cross-functional content teams including medical writers, marketers, designers, and editors. 
  • Created initial “universal” content, like brochures, videos, interactive web pages, and apps tailored to global audiences. 
  • Moved to more personalized content like emails and landing pages as interest grew. 

Impact on the Client’s Business 

By taking an audience-centric approach focused on education over promotion, the pharmaceutical company achieved breakthrough engagement: 

  • HCPs globally embraced valuable medical information and wellness mentorship; 
  • 5% of HCPs turned from just loyal customers to advocates; 
  • Customers gained a deeper understanding of their conditions and treatment strategies; 
  • The company transformed its brand perception from just a drug seller to a trusted healthcare advisor; 
  • Interest and adoption of products grew substantially across regions; 
  • Registrations in the pharma company’s portal increased by 42%. 

The results of our cooperation show that unique content can be the key to the hearts of consumers worldwide. 

Discover how Viseven can help your organization craft unforgettable, personalized content experiences that foster customer confidence and loyalty. 

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