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Webinar: The Power of Data Visualization in Pharma Marketing Campaigns

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The Power of Data Visualization
in Pharma Marketing Campaigns

November 23, 2023
Webinar agenda

Recognizing the pivotal role of data, we invite you to the webinar, “The Power of Data Visualization in Pharma Marketing Campaigns” featuring our esteemed speaker, Ezequiel Salvarezza, Head of CoE Americas at Viseven. 

With an impressive career spanning over twenty years, Ezequiel Salvarezza brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital transformation, data analytics, and customer experience:

Section 1: Introduction to Data Visualization in Pharma.

Section 2: Data Sources and Collection.

Section 3: Data Visualization Tools and Techniques.

Section 4​: Real-Life Case Studies.

Section 5:​ Future Trends and Challenges.

Who Should Join? 

This webinar is designed for industry professionals who are eager to leverage digital transformation and data analytics to supercharge their marketing strategies. It is the perfect fit for marketers, data scientists, and business leaders seeking practical insights and knowledge. Ezequiel will discuss practices and cases relevant to the LATAM region, which might be of interest to your company in particular.

Can't miss this webinar
Here is why

Gain a deeper understanding of the critical importance of data visualization in the pharmaceutical sector and its influence on decision-making. 

Discover the industry-standard tools and methodologies. 

Hear directly from our experienced professional.

Get to know the latest trends, including AI and machine learning in data visualization. 

See you on the webinar!
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