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How To Build HCP Engagement with AI-based Omnichannel Approach

Omnichannel Webinar

It is no secret that pharma continues to face many issues when it comes to new approaches to HCP engagement. To date, face-to-face visits have been the priority, but digitalization is gradually pushing them onto the sidelines. This movement from multichannel to omnichannel approach within pharma, life sciences, and healthcare is a process that results in the connection of all channels through the customer journey.

Digital disruption is making a huge impact on pharma and life sciences marketing. Omnichannel marketing provides relevant content across a variety of different channels. This content ties together to create a unified but not overwhelmingly repetitive message.

So how do you build an engagement strategy that works on any level of digital maturity? Why AI-based approaches should be implemented to target HCPs successfully? Why is Omnichannel the most relevant way to engage with HCPs in 2022?

Get all the answers in an exclusive webinar by Viseven’s Head of Omnichannel Excellence – Pavel Klymenko. The “How to Build HCP Engagement with AI-based Omnichannel Approach” webinar took place on in May. Fill out the form below to request the recording of the session and get industry insights and lifehacks from our omnichannel expert!

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