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Pharma Talks by Viseven: New Podcast Series Helping You Navigate the Content Maze in Life Sciences

Today, in the ever-evolving world of pharma and life sciences marketing, understanding and redefining content is not just necessary but pivotal for success. This is why Viseven is thrilled to announce the launch of “Pharma Talks: Navigating the Content Maze,” a groundbreaking podcast series that explores the many intricacies of content in the pharma and life sciences sectors.

Hosted by Nataliya Andreychuk, co-founder and CEO of Viseven, alongside industry veterans Jean-Francois Delas, Head of CSM Global at Viseven, and Prasant Vijayakumar, Head of Content Strategy and Enablement at Viseven, the series begins with an enlightening discussion on the critical role of content beyond entertainment—focusing on information that engages, informs, and inspires.

Our mission with Pharma Talks is to illuminate the path through the content maze in the pharma and life sciences industry. Quality of content is paramount in an industry as dynamic and regulated as ours. It’s time to redefine content to genuinely engage, inform, and inspire our target audience.

Nataliya Andreychuk

The debut episode explores the universe of content creation, highlighting the importance of data analytics in crafting messages that resonate on a personal level and stories that connect with HCPs and patients.

But we never ask the question of what content is for pharma and life sciences. A lot of times when we talk about content, we think of entertainment, but in pharma, it is all about information.

Prasant Vijayakumar

Jean-Francois Delas emphasizes the need for a paradigm shift in content creation and personalization.

We need to shift the very way of thinking when it comes to content and approach it in a very personalized way.

says Delas.

Listeners will gain insights into the power of modular content in ensuring consistent, yet customizable communication across various platforms and the role of omnichannel marketing in creating a seamless, integrated customer experience.

“Pharma Talks: Navigating the Content Maze” is not just another life sciences marketing podcast; it is a journey into the future of pharma content. As we explore hot topics in upcoming episodes and welcome pharma leaders to share their insights, get ready to transform your perspective on what content can do for your company.

Join us in this exciting new series as we navigate the content maze together. Discover how leading professionals are utilizing insights and innovations to redefine the very essence of content in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Watch the full episode HERE.

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