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Omnichannel KPIs and their Measurement in Pharma

Today Omnichannel approach helps pharma and life sciences marketers build sustainable and effective communication with clients. However, many are still struggling to get into it for one or another reason – opposition to change, underestimation of its benefits, or, most frequently, lack of competent provisions on how to implement it in your pharma company.

That’s why in the upcoming webinar, Viseven’s Head of Omnichannel Excellence, Pavel Klymenko, will discuss one of the most burning questions considering omnichannel marketing – how to measure your KPIs and ensure that you are reaching the goals set.

What is the Omnichannel Marketing Webinar About?

Within the session, he will discuss how you can interpret the data you gather. Also, expect to learn what tools are most effective for collecting valuable data and how to process it to get the most relevant data. All this will help not only to measure the Omnichannel KPIs but also to make accurate predictions and easily leverage between different channels.

The webinar session is scheduled on December 15 at 5 PM CET / 11 AM EST. Once again, the event is curated by Viseven’s Head of Omnichannel Excellence – Pavel Klymenko. The exclusive workshop session will be especially useful for pharma marketers who want to go omnichannel but need help measuring the ROI.

Rest assured, Pavel Klymenko will address all the aspects of measurement for pharma regardless of the company size. You will also be able to submit your questions during the online session on Thursday, December 15, 2022.

How to Register for the Omnichannel KPIs and their Measurement Webinar?

You can also learn more about MarTech solutions for the pharma industry in our blog.

If you have any questions about our solutions for the webinar, feel free to contact us directly.

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