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Salesforce Email Marketing Automation with eWizard Integration

Email Marketing Salesforce Integration

A while ago, we announced the strategic partnership with, featuring a highly anticipated integration of eWizard platform and Salesforce eMarketing Cloud. The email marketing Salesforce integration covers all stages of an email campaign: from email creation to its distribution and analysis, offering a solid groundwork for mailing campaign optimization. And now we’d like to highlight key prerequisites and main outcomes this integration brings for digital pharma marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing Integration with Salesforce

Let’s overview the key benefits of the integration and how it might be helpful for all pharma marketers across the industry:

  • Salesforce Email Analytics.

Integration enables tracking recipient behavior and using it to create better Salesforce email campaigns. You can see which emails were opened, which links were clicked, and which content was the most engaging.

  • Salesforce email marketing automation.

The email campaign integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud reduces the risk of errors and time spent on many manual tasks, such as publishing and creating emails. Salesforce email automation streamlines various email-related processes, while also maintaining a high level of email personalization.

  • Efficient email marketing Salesforce campaigns.

With Salesforce email marketing integration, you don’t have to jump from one application to another to craft and send an email. You can just do it in a couple of clicks, making it easier to create high-quality engaging campaigns that don’t require a lot of time to kick off.

Email marketing automation with Salesforce responsibilities streamlines various tasks that used to require manual input. Now, you can easily get them done in just a couple of clicks.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform marketers can use for a myriad of tasks and goals. And thanks to email automation with Salesforce integration, it becomes easier to create emails with a personalized touch. Here is what you can do with SFMC:

  • Create and manage content;
  • Send and monitor messages;
  • Find your target audience;
  • Design customer journeys;
  • Deliver personalized content based on user behavior;
  • Bring multiple channels together;
  • Centralize customer data;
  • Create 360-view of your customers;
  • Divide your customer base into segments.

With these features powered by the best email marketing integration with Salesforce, you can amplify your marketing campaigns and create them faster and of higher quality. Moreover, email integration can solve a few other problems, examples of which we’re about to discuss.

What are the Challenges the Integration and Content Experience Platform will help Overcome?

When it comes to localizing email campaigns, all marketers are confronted with a challenge –balancing between ensuring diversity and compliance. How do you diversify while remaining within branding requirements? How do you resonate with local needs while maintaining an easily recognizable brand identity?

And it might not be even worth all that hustle and expenses:

today, 260 bln emails/day toll a bell in mailboxes around the world, they’ve got something to tell the recipients. But open rates tell us a whole different story, ranging from 15% to 28%.

In other words,

across industries, only every 5th to 3rd email is opened.

A big part of those messages doesn’t even have a chance to appear in the inbox, as they go straight to the spam bin marked as “irrelevant info” by half of the email recipients.

However, these stats do not change the fact that email remains the main channel used to reach physicians. Many HCPs still prefer receiving personalized messages from pharma companies. But the problem is that personalized emails require lots of coding. Making a few tweaks would often mean hiring a trusted digital agency and investing significant time and financial resources. And let’s not forget about time-consuming approval procedures in pharma.

So, pharma marketers are facing a tough choice: either make an average email that has a high chance of being dumped as spam or make a great, localized one, but waste the monthly budget of a tiny country.

Luckily, with our content experience platform, eWizard, they no longer have to choose between these two options. Oksana Matviienko from Viseven admits:

“Capitalizing on a decade of working experience alongside global pharma actors, we developed a truly comprehensive solution that’s automating email campaign workflows at every stage of the email production process. Equipped with the eWizard platform, pharma marketers and sales reps have a powerful mix-and-match tool for creating and reusing approved email templates, which all have the same look and feel no matter the brand or market”.

Contrary to your average email template that’s rigid and inflexible, eWizard Email Templating Service contains a number of pre-designed content modules to mix and match for all that creative jazz. This model allows users to make an engaging email in minutes and eliminates the need to address an agency for localization or editing. With the adaptive templating approach that lies at the heart of eWizard-created emails and marketing email automation flows, marketers have creative freedom while adhering to budget constraints and branding guidelines.

Here are Some Benefits of eWizard Email Templates: 

  • The solution saves tons of time and budget resources by allowing users to endlessly reusing master templates that are created and pre-approved on a global level;
  • A template serves as the branding framework; all that’s left to do is to fill it up with localized content! Create a new unique email in no time by placing ready-made content fragments modules (footer, text with image, graph, etc.);
  • Forget manual or hired publishing! You can publish your email to Veeva Vault automatically as well as review, approve, export, and distribute to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

If you’re an ambitious marketer aiming for a seamless Salesforce email marketing campaign workflow that delivers personalized emails, do not hesitate to contact our team of certified experts for details on the Salesforce integration with email marketing. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates in digital pharmaceutical content marketing.

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