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Robust email marketing automation empowered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud with eWizard

Email Marketing Salesforce Integration

A while ago, we announced about the strategic partnership with through a highly anticipated integration of eWizard platform and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This solution covers all stages of an email campaign: from email creation to its distribution and analysis, offering a solid groundwork for mailing campaigns optimization. And now we’d like to highlight key prerequisites and main outcomes this integration brings for digital pharma marketing.

All marketers know the main issue with localizing email campaigns diversity versus compliance. How do you diversify while remaining within branding requirements? How do you resonate with local needs while maintaining an easily recognizable brand identity? The issue is as bad as the budget allocation decision.

And it might not be even worth all that hustle and expenses: today, 260 bln emails/day toll a bell in mailboxes around the world, they’ve got something to tell the recipients. But open rates tell us a whole different story – 15% to 28%, so roughly, every 5th to 3rd email is opened, on average across industries. A big part of those messages doesn’t even have a chance to appear in the inbox, as they go straight to the spam bin marked as “irrelevant info” by half of the email recipents.

These stats don’t hinder the email to stand out among other channels to reach physicians, as more and more of HCPs prefer their emails personalized. But personalized emails require… surprise, lots of coding. And you can only imagine that making a couple of tweaks requires a trusted digital agency, a lot of time and a whole new budget. That’s beside the oh-so-common time-consuming approval procedures in pharma. So pharma marketers are facing a tough choice: either make an average email that has a high chance of being dumped as spam or make a great, localized one, but waste a monthly budget of a tiny country for that purpose (what are the chances?)

Oksana Matviienko, CMO at Viseven:

“Capitalising on a decade of working experience alongside global pharma actors, we were able to develop a truly comprehensive solution that’s automating email campaign workflows at every stage of email production process. Equipped with our solution   eWizard platform  pharma marketers have a powerful mix-and-match tool for creation and reuse of approved email templates, which all got the same look and feel no matter the brand or market”.

Contrary to your average email template that’s rigid and inflexible, eWizard Email Templating Service contains a number of pre-designed content modules to mix&match for all that creative jazz. This model allows to make an engaging email in a matter of minutes and eliminates the need to address an agency for localization or editing. With the adaptive templating approach that lies at the heart of eWizard-created emails, marketers have that creative freedom while remaining within the budget amplitude and branding guidelines. Here’s how it goes:

  • Save tons of time and budget resources on your mailing campaign by endlessly reusing master templates that are created and pre-approved on a global level;
  • Template is the branding framework, all you have left to do is fill it up with localized content! Create a new unique email in no time by placing ready-made content fragments modules (footer, text with image, graph etc.);
  • Forget manual or hired publishing! Publish your email to Veeva Vault automatically, review, approve, then export and distribute to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

If you are an ambitious marketer whose goal for 2019 includes a seamless mailing campaign workflow that delivers your audience personalized, state-of-the-art, deliberate emails, do not hesitate to contact our team of Email Marketing Experts for more details on the solution or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the novelties of content marketing in digital pharmaceuticals.