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In the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, the role of content has never been more significant. With more companies embracing omnichannel marketing and personalization, the need for high-quality content keeps increasing. 

As one of the essential content formats in pharma, eDetailing has proven its efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic when remote calls were merely the only opportunity for sales representatives to directly engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and pitch their offers. After the pandemic, traditional pharma marketing as we know it changed for good. More companies within the industry focused on digital HCP engagement, where eDetailing plays one of the crucial roles.

In addition to extraordinary benefits equally for sales reps and HCPs, eDetailing has unique peculiarities of realization we shared in this case study. The material includes helpful guidelines to create an interactive and engaging eDetailer that converts HCPs from new leads into loyal customers.  

After downloading a PDF file through the form at the end of this post, you’ll discover: 

  • how to optimize and place texts without overloading the structure 
  • how to design your eDetailer to make it attractive for HCPs 
  • how to implement the three-click rule for better navigation 

Here’s the basic information about the case, our client and their challenge, and the solution we provided to eliminate it. 

The Client 

One of the world’s top 50 pharmaceutical companies wasn’t satisfied with their eDetailing presentation materials. In search of a better customer experience, our client became interested in revising their approach to creating eDetailers for particular segments of healthcare providers. 

The client’s goal was to engage with their target audience in Ukraine. The enterprise wanted to build long-term and fruitful relationships with the representatives of three HCP specialties: general practitioners, cardiologists, and neurologists

The Challenge – The Enhancement of Existing eDetailing Materials 

Original materials developed by the company’s internal content marketing team lacked appealing design and intuitive navigation. Each slide of the client’s presentation was text-heavy and contained long descriptions. The presentation’s structure resembled a scientific paper rather than a promotional material. 

The primary task of our team was to help the client create an eDetailer with an intuitive structure, optimized texts, and attractive design to demonstrate the basic information about their product without getting HCPs bored. 

The Solution – eWizard Content Experience Platform 

Our company divided the process of creating the client’s eDetailer into a few steps. 

The first step was to develop an action plan. Our content marketing team revised existing content and analyzed each slide within the presentation. We needed to identify and summarize all shortcomings to fix them and enhance user experience. 

The second step was text optimization. After reviewing the presentation’s content, our copywriters refined texts to provide HCPs only with essential information about the product. The objective was to shorten texts and keep HCPs engaged till the last slide without losing crucial data. 

The third step was the design of an easy-to-understand structure and captivating appearance. Our designers devised an original color palette, organically structured texts, and added animation and transitions to each slide. 

To enhance the client’s eDetailer, we used eWizard – a content experience platform that have all the necessary features and tools to produce, localize, distribute, and analyze eDetaling materials. 

The Results 

In the shortest terms, our team adjusted the client’s presentation to satisfy all their needs and preferences. The client’s sales representatives received a powerful instrument to support their speech during the product demonstration. The presented information became sufficient and consistent, with no space for false interpretation or misguidance. 

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