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The content’s primary aim is to attract customers’ attention and keep them engaged to deliver some messages. Still, creating and using content correctly is vital as choosing the suitable form and delivery method. eDetailing is proven an effective channel for pharma communications and presentations, especially when you must present a complicated topic. However, it’s easy to mess up the delivery by placing a massive amount of text or complex schemes, which makes engagement difficult.  

In this case study, we show how to develop an interactive eDetailing presentation that will keep HCP attention from slipping away halfway to the finish. The material includes guidelines for content layout and various design aspects like the color spectrum, animations, and others. It will be useful for those who strive to improve the delivery of medical marketing messages via presentations and look for better and deeper HCP engagement. 

Also, you can find some eDetailing examples inside for personal experience. 

Customer and project info 

One of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies wasn’t satisfied with their eDetailing presentation materials.  In search of a better customer experience, our Client became interested in developing a presentation for a particular segment of healthcare providers.  

The target audience was cardiologists, neurologists, and GPs from Ukraine.

The channel of business message delivery was eDetailing, developed in our eDetailer app.  


Original materials developed by the company’s internal content development team were text heavy. They contained numerous descriptions full of text walls. Such content could be more practical in terms of delivering medical messages.  

Our primary task was to develop an eDetailing presentation with accurately presented information on slides without overloading the structure of the presentation, as it could spoil the whole navigation.  


We implemented various changes to the presentation’s internal content. As the overall user experience was redefined and redesigned, the information perceiving now is much more comfortable. From colors and picture placements to text representation, we optimized every content piece to be as attractive and engaging as possible. All editing was done in eWizard, as it is an excellent content authoring tool.  


We developed a dynamic and carefully thought-over design for a very content-rich eDetailer in the shortest time possible. The presentation is adjusted to leave no space for false interpretation or misguidance — the navigation is clear and obvious. The presentation content is now more consistent and self-efficient, which makes it easier to explain and deliver your speech during the demonstration.  

Use the form below to request a case study and learn how the modern eDetailing platform can change the perception of content engagement! 

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