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3 top ways for pharma to cross from multichannel to omnichannel

omni channel customer journey map

Why the omnichannel approach in marketing in life sciences companies is becoming crucial and is going to be even more widely acquired in the years to come? The widely circulating stories of how various industries have accepted the omnichannel way of leading marketing push pharma enterprises to embrace these learnings in order to tighten future communications with HCPs and other pharma stakeholders.

 Why not just “multichannel”?

You might wonder whether this omnichannel expertise includes multichannel practices as well. Well, not exactly. “Multichannel” and “omnichannel” are both high-frequency buzzwords in pharma marketing circles, yet quite distinctive. “Multichannel” means something like, “The more channels of communication you use, the more likely you’ll get through with your key message. All you need is to add one more channel to the mix.” Here is the point, the “old” multichannel scheme implies the manager puts the channel first. However, these channels are often disconnected, and content is created for every existing channel separately without considering customer preferences or purposes. Omnichannel is, on the other hand, an integrated form of multichannel – “multichannel done right”.

For example, with no omnichannel strategy in place, a pharma manager cannot see (or doesn’t have access to the database) the entire history of previous interactions with the HCP who he or she is communicating with. While omnichannel marketing allows serving customers through personalized interactions based on their preferences and other patterns. This is so far the greatest benefit of omnichannel: all the channels are connected, and content integrality provides the opportunity to build personalized customer journeys. This is the shift towards personalized care that life sciences and pharmaceuticals declared their priority.

Let’s address now what needs to be within an omnichannel focus to advance marketing capabilities:

  • Capacity to create personalized customer journeys and orchestrate the customer-centered vision
  • Integration of multiple channels
  • Marketing automation system
  • Proper HCP segmentation scheme
  • Ability to create content for a whole mix of channels

3 key factors for successful omnichannel implementation

Looks like a lot of struggles could be met by pharma companies when it comes to establishing such a coherent customer experience. However, we already have proven transition methods, and here is the approach to count on:

 #1 Create a truly omnichannel customer experience:

  • As the figure of the HCP becomes central in the picture, the omnichannel visualization is not just a dashboard with cumulative figures but a real customer journey map. By segmenting HCPs’database and estimating channel preferences, the journey helps represent the potential route that the customer follows on the way from encountering the key message to making the final decision.
  • Integrate all the channels into a single ecosystem. For doing so, various platforms should be united to manage different types of interactions. Let’s say, CRM system, Marketing Automation platform, such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaign, Oracle Responsys, etc.), content management platforms, other tools and services (Webinar platform, Survey platform, Messengers, and so on).
  • Create content that is precisely adjusted to each channel with no extra effort. In such a way, the process of content creation becomes easier and more cost-efficient.

 #2 Marketing automation system

This step refers to creating a “data pool” which will drag data assets from different channels. Technically this can be implemented as a database handled by a Business Intelligence (BI) platform. This kind of omnichannel content integration allows to fine-tune interaction tactics across channels according to the customer journey map. Apart from automation itself, all channels that are already in the mix should be arranged with all connected touchpoints within a single journey.

Use a powerful content management system in order to gather data after each interaction with the customer. CMS is software used to create, manage, and optimize content while designing user experience at the same time. Such software becomes a great help in terms of tracking and handling web content or managing website workflows. A perfectly chosen content management system stands as a single hub for marketing and sales teams, allowing both effectively communicate with each other and skyrocket customer engagement by managing digital content properly.

 #3 Build journeys of success

One of the most noted advantages of the omnichannel approach is that you can add a needed number of channels to the existing mix, making the message heard even better. With omnichannel there are no constraints that can influence the holism of your brand message delivery – the audience will be able to hear all of it at its fullest. To start with, launch a pilot project by adding 1 or 2 channels to the mix to identify and track HCPs’ preferences and behavioral patterns. During the journey, add one more channel to the same mix to pursue the needed results.

HCPs want to receive as much content as fits their needs. An omnichannel approach requires pharma to present more information about their brands to engage efficiently. Using the omnichannel approach it is easy to assume what kind of information the audience is looking for and be fully equipped to fill these requests. Life sciences have already acquired versatile solutions that help automate any content-related processes. For example, eWizard platform is the leading marketing software for omnichannel content creation, reuse, and distribution covering multiple channels.

With uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 into life sciences and digital technologies that became an organic part of today’s world the industry needs, as never before, to strengthen a well-orchestrated omnichannel strategy. The great thing is, no matter whatever omnichannel pathway you are in now, starting to implement an omnichannel strategy should not necessarily be tough and dramatic.

What is your company’s current level of omnichannel readiness? Viseven omnichannel experts are here to help you create a harmonious palette of HCP experiences, automating the largest amount of processes possible. This way your company gets an omnichannel toolkit that can be organically implemented into your current marketing ecosystem (using your existing CRM system, communication channels, etc.), uniting the physicians’ experience through channels.

Provide your customers with the omnichannel experience they merit. Let out skilled experts elaborate perfect omnichannel journeys along with sound advice and technical support.

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