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17th eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2019: twitter digest

Eyeforpharma Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, April 19 – the most comprehensive patient-oriented pharma event of the year has passed, and didn’t fail to bring a breath of fresh air into the industry.

The motto of this year’s #efpphilly:

has explored the ways in which pharma can redirect its efforts in innovation and progress towards those who really stand at the engine of the industry. After all, aren’t we all patients at some point in our lives?

Let’s explore a 360 view that the many exhibitors and speakers have brought to this event, with inspirations that have been generated for the year to come.

  • Business talk – look around, pharma

Continuing on the themes of the eyeforpharma Barcelona 2019, an apt takeaway of which we’ve already published, it’s been emphasized (by Paul Simms initially) that pharma should be on the lookout for new business partners.

  • Amazoniation of healthcare keeps on amazing the industry

Audience at #efpphilly says the most likely bold prediction to be true is that Amazon will be the fastest growing healthcare company.

Patricia Brown from Merck advises this approach to implementing agile marketing: “take inspiration from outside industry brands – it’s possible to deliver a patient experience that matches any non-pharma customer experience”.

  • Cross-disciplinary cooperation will benefit the end stakeholders – patients

Northwell Health expressed a statement that creating a more patient-centric care requires strong collaboration across health systems, advocacy groups, pharma and patients.

  • Put care back to healthcare through partnering with patients

Marc Boutin (National Health Council) and President Percival Barretto-ko (Astellas) talked about why diversity and inclusion is a strategic imperative – and key to realizing patients as partners.

  • Patient-focused, -centric, -oriented? What about… Driven

Peter Anastasiou representing Lundback – on pharma’s evolution from patient-centric to patient-driven, incorporating patient insights into R&D is crucial.

Results of patient-driven strategies may one day look just like this:

  • Make innovations accessible

Any future partnership of pharma should be centered and driven by desire to bring care to the patients. Questions like ‘what’s the point of innovation if patients can’t access it?’ – are a recognition that the focus should be on the patient needs at point of access.

  • Technology to enhance patient journeys and empathy to build meaningful patient experience

Christine Farmer from Novonordisk showed the way how technology helps us to visualize one and Cognizant showcased the patient journey through the lens of empathy.

No larger-than-life event of today is considered full without a serious take on the digital, including the ever-lagging pharma.

  • HCPs and pharma: lack of time, attention span and preference to one channel

“Where do physicians spend their time online?” – a question which has been researched by Amy Turnquinst (Healthcare Solutions) and Paul Kudlow (Trend MD). Here are some of the results they’ve got:

  • Digital brings patient adherence — a case study

  • Patient-centric rep is not making a sale

He helps patients, as told during the panel on the role of the rep. And it is pharma’s duty to reshape this relationship, perception as well as expectations, not in the least – with the help of Digital.

  • Technology is fast – but adoption is slow

Important is also the attitude that software needs to be developing all the time to stay relevant. And the biggest change in going omnichannel is the mindset. Not technology.

  • Rep of today is a channel orchestrator

  • Digital means omnichannel for pharma

During the panel talk on Omnichannel Market Engagement, Viseven’s Business Development Officer – Alexander Dudinets – has noted that in the era of multichannel communication the nature of the marketing cycles has changed: they are overlapping, changing and constantly mutating into one another. If content production for marketing cycles will not become affordable and accurate, there’s little hope for pharma to catch the speed of content lifecycle.

This is where Viseven’s solution, the eWizard platform, is specifically designed to accelerate content creation, localization, rounds of approval and publication to the speed of light. Pharma can split content in smallest meaningful parts and reuse it for many channels and messages, so bringing value to the end stakeholders would become as affordable as it gets.

As for Viseven team, we have enjoyed the event capacities to their full extent: run, exhibition tour, exhibition and panel. Our Chief Officer (US/Canada), Kenneth Sanchez, participated in the early morning run and delivered an excellent pitch during the patient engagement exhibition tour. And our Team A – Oksana Matviienko (CMO) and Ruslana Magdych (Global Account Director) – had an excellent networking time at the exhibition booth, expanding on the intricacies of multichannel content creation that brings value to all stakeholders.

If you would like to know more about forward-thinking technology, which enables implementation of modular content approach into omnichannel communication strategies and speeds up content creation process — drop our experts a line. Decoupling the content from channels is the first step towards value-based engagement with HCPs and patients alike!

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