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Web Summit Is No Longer an IT Event — It’s Way Beyond

When it comes to special events for the whole IT industry, it is always all about Web Summit. Year by year, it becomes a place where most of the digital industry enthusiasts and visioners meet each other to share expertise and knowledge. This time, it wasn’t an exception, and here we will make a short recap of the event’s most valuable moments.

So, Web Summit 2022 gathered around 70,000 people worldwide, and more than a thousand attendees were from Ukraine. It wasn’t without reason — at the beginning of the conference, Olena Zelenska, First Lady of Ukraine, gave a powerful speech about the importance of Ukrainian cyber defense support in the face of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

As pharma becomes increasingly digital, Viseven is always on top of offering a solution. So, the eWizard team has joined the event to showcase the multichannel content management platform. This platform helps plan, brief, create, modularize, build, translate, approve and deploy (distribute) brand content at scale. The team dedicated most of the showcase time to eWizard functionality and USP for digital and content agencies. 

As we have mentioned, Web Summit is no longer an IT-only event, and other companies from different industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Life sciences, were presented at the event. It gave us Web Summit’s most important and pleasant moments by meeting our customers in an informal atmosphere.

“The world has changed, and we have changed with it. So, I am certainly looking forward to the conversation on how we can improve the gig economy as we look toward a future that is driven by individuals rather than large corporations.” — Yuliya Sotska, Viseven’s Head of PR and moderator of “Can we improve the gig economy” panel.

The importance of partnership is hard to underestimate. Making connections means gaining more knowledge, expertise, and resources to create better service, reach a greater audience and help as many people as possible to achieve their goals. This thesis correlates with Viseven’s slogan —”saving lives by improving communication,” and once again proves that by being united, we are capable of much more than we think. 

So, we can’t wait to see you next year!

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