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Viseven’s Year in the Spotlight

The end of the year is the perfect time to press the pause button and play back the last twelve months. According to James Clear, the productivity expert and author of the bestselling book Atomic Habits, this is the time to slow down for a moment and ask yourself: “Are my choices helping me live the life I want to live?” In the corporate world, conducting a year-in-review is about zooming out and assessing whether a business is on the right track and moving at the desired pace.  

Reflecting on the progress made and milestones achieved gives us the opportunity to celebrate our wins and stretch our strengths even more in the future, which is truly one of the best gifts to ourselves. Without further ado, let’s check out the Viseven’s journey this year and set the stage for an even more successful ride ahead. 

Viseven office opening in Poland 

March 31st filled the professional calendars of Viseveners in Poland. We had an incredible office opening in Poznan – a celebration that brought together our twenty colleagues from Poland and Ukraine. It was an amazing opportunity for the team to unwind and connect beyond the confines of virtual communication in Teams’ chats.  

We started off with playing ice-breaking games, sharing fascinating stories, and indulging in delicious national foods. The highlight of the party was our CEO, Nataliya Andreychuk, taking a swing at a piñata and unleashing a shower of surprises for everyone. The firework cake and champagne rounded out the perfect celebration picture. 

The Excellence in Customer Service Award 

Customer service either makes or breaks brand loyalty – whether through speed, experience, or convenience. Consistently delivering superior services keeps clients coming back again and again. The Excellence in Customer Service Award celebrates leaders who deliver digital solutions and services with customers in mind.  

Nataliya Andreychuk is the name to remember when it comes to white-glove customer service.  Viseven is a company that puts the customer first, every step of the way. For over a decade, under Nataliya Andreychuk’s guidance, Viseven has been supporting pharmaceutical companies in providing engaging content that speaks directly to the target audience. 

“I am truly honored to receive this award. At Viseven we have always been directed toward bringing high-quality and reliable products to meet the customers’ diverse marketing demands. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team, which I’m proud to lead,” says Nataliya. 

ISO/IEC 27001 recertification 

For many people, ISO/IEC 27001 might sound like a jumble of numbers and letters. But for us, having that acronym on our list of accomplishments for the year is solid proof of the effort we have put into keeping our information security management system top-notch. ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard showing that we have got the right measures in place to handle data security risks according to global best practices and principles. 

Viseven has successfully passed recertification for the fourth consecutive time. Once again, we demonstrate that data security is the core of our corporate culture and a crucial factor in collaboration with our clients.   

Viseven and SpotMe strategic partnership 

This year, Viseven entered a partnership with SpotMe, the event platform designed for high-touch enterprises to host events. Through this partnership, life sciences companies now can create engaging pharmaceutical events with healthcare providers (HCPs), such as arranging high-profile speaker series for more than 500 invitees and organizing eCongress with more than 200 participants.  

Olivier Aubert, Business Development and Partnerships Director at SpotMe, is deeply convinced that the key to HCP engagement lies in making all interactions easy. SpotMe ensures frictionless invitation, registration, and attendance.  

In an age where data is the new gold, the platform gathers comprehensive information post-event, including reactions, participant details, and questions raised, to develop a more comprehensive omnichannel approach. This data also helps companies get started by inviting the right people to the right event. Recognizing that genuine engagement begins well before the event, our partnership with SpotMe enables our clients to connect with the audience that actively seeks that kind of interaction. 

Launch of “7 Minutes with Viseven” podcast 

Viseven kicked off a series of podcasts featuring Volodymyr Frydel, Talent Development Manager, engaging in conversations with guests about our company’s core values – passion, agility, curiosity, and empathy (PACE).  

As the name suggests, over seven minutes, our team members had the chance to delve into their personal perspectives on these values. This approach allowed us to understand our employees not only as professionals but also as individuals who resonate with our corporate culture. 

14th anniversary 

In 2023, we marked Viseven’s 14th anniversary with a twist! Instead of the usual cake, we embraced a healthy initiative – a collective run of 14 kilometers, symbolizing each year in business.  

Participants hit the pavement outdoors or hopped on the treadmill indoors to come together in the teamwork spirit. Everyone was awarded a special commemorative medal, and the fastest runner took home an extra surprise. Along the way, employees captured moments with photos to cherish and share on social media. Exchanging energy and enthusiasm through this initiative was our way of expressing gratitude for everyone who had been a part of our amazing company and industry at large. 

Recognition in the Tech Investors Guide 

It is no secret that investors seek reliable evidence before pouring their money into any venture, and documents shared by Ministries hold significant value in this regard. The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has shared a document featuring the most prominent and promising tech companies worthy of investment.  

Viseven secured a position on the list twice — as a Top MarTech company and a Top Service company. In fact, our company was the only business included twice – a tremendous achievement for our entire team. This accomplishment served as motivation for us to move forward with even greater dedication and perseverance.  

Check the full list by following this link: IT Ukraine Association launches an online version of the Incredible Tech catalogue – Асоціація “IT Ukraine” 

10th anniversary of Viseven’s eWizard 

October 23rd was a big date for our crew! We were happy to celebrate the tenth birthday of eWizard, an advanced content experience platform revolutionizing pharma marketing strategies. We started out as a small team of enthusiasts driven by the desire to foster transformation in the industry. Fast forward to today, eWizard brings together 17 dedicated teams and boasts 120 professionals on board.  

We sat down with Roman Vasylenko, the brains behind eWizard and our CTO, to chat about the inspirations, challenges, successes, and even some funny stories along the way. This exclusive piece is a must-read not only for pharma marketers or loyal eWizard users but all leaders out there hungry to absorb Roman’s infectious energy, wisdom, and innovative mindset.  

Hit the link for the full lowdown: 

New Viseven brand identity 

“Nothing is constant but change,” Heraclitus once said, emphasizing the inevitability of transformations. While Greek philosophers may not have known much about business development or brand communications, this quote is still relevant nowadays, and our company’s evolution is a testament to this.  

This year, the Viseven company has given its brand identity a refresh to showcase our commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest industry advancements. The new logo is full of meaning, representing the number 7, the part of the company’s name, and an upward-pointing arrow. The redesigned look symbolizes the company’s dedication to ongoing growth, technological innovation, and expertise.  

“Our company is growing and evolving. As a prominent pharma and life sciences marketing player, it’s time to unveil a more sophisticated brand identity. I like to think of it as a fresh pair of wings propelling Viseven to new heights,” comments Yuliya Sotska, Chief Brand & Communications Officer at Viseven. 

Digital Marketing Award at the Go Global Awards 

Go Global Awards is the platform for innovative companies eager to extend their reach, build strategic alliances, and establish a strong presence in the international marketplace. In 2023, Rhode Island, USA, brought together incredible businesses from around the globe to celebrate their outstanding achievements and leadership. Viseven, represented by Maksym Savenko, our AD Lead, received the Digital Marketing Award, recognition for many years of creativity, customer-focused service, and hard work from our entire team. 

Nataliya Andreychuk shares her cancer survivor story 

In October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO at Viseven, revealed her battle with the disease for the first time. Five years after overcoming cancer, she felt ready to share the invaluable lessons from her struggle and inspire others who confront the same challenge.  

Nataliya is now convinced that her personal story has reinforced her professional commitment to saving lives by improving communication. Her journey has underscored the crucial role that timely, up-to-date, and reliable information plays in a patient’s clinical outcomes. 

Viseven at global pharma, tech, and marketing events 

In 2023, our team did a lot of traveling to attend major events that push the industry boundaries and build partnerships. Nataliya Andreychuk was a panelist at Reuters Pharma, NEXT Pharma Summit, Digital Pharma East, 4th Annual CX Management for Life Science, and NEXT Pharma CX & Engagement as well as a speaker at 4th Annual Pharma AI Summit

Yuliya Sotska, Chief Brand and Communications Officer, was a panelist at Dublin Tech Summit and moderated discussions at Collision and Web Summit. Oksana Matvienko, Regional Director, spoke at PHARMA CX SUMMIT and PANAGORA PHARMA CX TECH  SUMMITOlena Volkova, Regional Director, presented Viseven at Reuters Pharma, NEXT Pharma Summit, 4th Annual Pharma AI Summit, GIANT Health

As the year (and this Viseven’s overview article) comes to a close, we want to thank our clients and partners for placing trust in us. The Viseven team feels motivated and inspired as never to build upon these accomplishments in the coming year 2024.

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