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Viseven’s Success Recognized on the Everest Group PEAK Matrix® 

Viseven, a leading player in the pharmaceutical marketing industry, has been featured on the PEAK Matrix 2023 by Everest Group, reaffirming its position as a major contender in the next-generation customer engagement platforms for life sciences. 

The Everest Group PEAK Matrix is a prestigious industry benchmark that showcases and positions world-class service providers and technology vendors within specific sectors. The assessment framework implemented by Everest Group adopts an unbiased and evidence-based methodology by analyzing vendors’ operational activity and deals information. Everest Group refines these results by considering buyer interactions, vendor briefings, and market experience, providing potential clients with a bird-eye view of a company’s standing within the industry.  

The matrix comprises 23 innovative companies, categorized as aspirants, major contenders, and leaders based on their market impact as well as vision and capability. 

Chunky Satija, Vice President at Everest Group, asserts that the PEAK Matrix has encompassed pharmaceutical MarTech companies switching from a CRM-focused mindset to a customer experience (CX) approach: those that are driven by the goal of delivering innovative CX-centric solutions that facilitate content management, optimize channel engagement, and bolster commercial learning and training initiatives.

Viseven’s inclusion in the space of advanced solutions for pharmaceutical brands is a merit of its dedication to providing industry-specific tools for modular content management. By equipping its clients with the ability to create personalized, bite-sized content at a large scale, the MarTech provider empowers them to experience the benefits of authentic omnichannel engagements.

Viseven offers a comprehensive suite of life sciences-focused content management solution that houses next-generation features such as dynamic content templates, AI-assisted content creation, and content localization with modular and flexible implementation options, through its eWizard platform. Clients appreciate the out-of-the-box integrations offered, its flexibility to incorporate client-specific requirements, and robust support services ecosystem. This has helped position it as a Major Contender in Life Sciences Next-generation Customer Engagement Platforms (CEP) PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023.

Chunky Satija points out.

Apart from allocating vendors’ specific positions on the matrix, Everest Group provides a detailed analysis and commentary to assist clients in finding providers based on their business needs. To access the complete document containing the PEAK Matrix research, simply fill out the form below and download it. 

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