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Viseven at PhilMedical Expo 2023: Observing the Innovation

On August 23-25, the Viseven team visited Manila, the capital of Philippines to attend PhilMedical Expo – an international exhibition on hospital, laboratory, pharmaceutical, and medical equipment and supplies. At the 6th edition of Phil Medical Expo, professionals of all sorts gathered to drive health frontiers and bridge science, fitness, and medical technology.  

At the panel that included almost 30 conference speakers and nearly 20 workshop and seminar speakers, attendees had an opportunity to discuss various topics, including the Philippine consumer health industry, the role of physical therapy for athletes, quality in progressive laboratory medicine, and beyond.

Nathaniel Manzano, Account Executive Lead at Viseven, and Christine De Real, Account Executive at Viseven, spent two days in the atmosphere of innovation to see the latest developments in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.  

Along with attending a few noteworthy workshops, Nataniel and Christine met dozens of professionals representing various businesses in the Philippines and Asia-Pacific. At multiple booths, companies demonstrated products and services that transform today’s medicine. 

“It was a great event. We walked from booth to booth to network with the exhibitors, chat with them, discover what they offer, and also exchange insights about our services,” says Christine De Real, Account Executive at Viseven. 

Nathaniel Manzano and Christine De Real connected with representatives of a few companies from China, Korea, Japan, and Pakistan to share insights, showcase Viseven services, and uncover avenues for potential partnership and collaboration. Potential partners were discovering how their teams can implement advanced omnichannel techniques in their marketing strategies without wasting resources. 

“Our primary goal now was to promote Viseven as a global MarTech agency for pharma & life sciences and strengthen its position in the APAC region. The Philippines is one of the region’s most promising and fastest-growing pharma markets. We’re glad to connect with other professionals and do business with them at PhilMedical Expo 2023,” says Nathaniel Manzano, Account Executive Lead at Viseven. 

The participation of the Viseven team at the 6th edition of PhilMedical Expo has opened doors to many opportunities and promising prospects. After interacting with multiple industry leaders, Viseven expanded its business network in the APAC region and successfully nurtured the connections. 

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