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Viseven at Reuters Pharma EU

reuters pharma 2023

This April was truly intense for Viseven in terms of events: weeks after visiting New York, our team went on to Reuters Pharma 2023 in Barcelona, while Korea Bio & Pharma meeting took place in Seoul the same weekend. 

Reuters Pharma united the top pharma company representatives, providing them cozy and compact space to share the vision of the foreseeable future, exchange insights and experience, and possibly agree upon uniting their effort in customer service. For that matter, the attendees could choose between three stages and a more quiet lunch zone for personal communication. 

Reuters Pharma Attendees

Notably, the focus of pharma companies never shifted from customer-centric approach, although the rise of AI technologies was probably the hottest issue of the event. Individual value is what drives commercial models of these companies and ensures their long-term success. 

As for artificial intelligence itself, of course, Reuters Pharma could not go without lively discussion of chatGPT and the possibility of its integration in healthcare applications. The bottom line: chatGPT is not going to replace HCPs for the time being but its integration is definitely a promising direction of development, for the sake of higher professional efficiency and patient safety. 

There are countless possible applications of AI, including symptom tracking with respective warnings and education – these use cases were also covered by Reuters Pharma speakers. 

During her speech, Viseven CEO Nataliya Andreychuk, emphasized the importance of content marketing in pharma and the related software tools and techniques, such as tagging for better navigation, content reuse with modules, and overall production optimization. 

Innovation never stops, so upon returning from Barcelona we moved on to prepare to the China Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit and MarTech Summit in Singapore! 

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