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The NEXT Pharma Summit 2023: Refining Customer Engagement

viseven at next pharma summit

As one of the prominent providers of martech services in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, Viseven always tends to know what’s next for content development, omnichannel engagement, and customer experience.  

As one of the most popular multistage conferences for pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals, the NEXT Pharma Summit is a perfect industry event to do that. 

The conference connects hundreds of digital marketing and healthcare experts who share their unique knowledge and expertise to accelerate global digital transformation in pharma, improve engagement outcomes with HCPs and other stakeholders, and inspire each other. 

The Viseven team, comprising Nataliya Andreychuk, Viseven CEO, Anna Malivska, delivery manager, and Olena Volkova, regional director, attended the NEXT Pharma Summit in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on May 16 and 17, 2023. It was two exciting and constructive days full of motivation, acquaintances, and insights, accompanied by morning yoga, sunsets, and the after-party in a magnificent location.  

The NEXT Pharma Summit had a very saturated agenda that included over 40 panels and more than 60 speakers who touched on diverse topics such as the usage of AI and ChatGPT, women’s health, go-to-market strategies, health innovations, gaining HCPs’ trust, the microenterprise model, and beyond. 

At their booth, Viseven presented their products and solutions firsthand to the pharma leaders looking for advanced ways of switching from multichannel communication to an omnichannel environment and creating high-quality content for customer engagement. 

‘We met a lot of amazing people and professionals from different areas, with totally different needs and perspectives. Our team was very delighted to demonstrate the possibilities eWizard could provide to a pharma company as an advanced content experience platform. And this conference provided us with some great opportunities for the growth of Viseven too’, Anna Malivska, eWizard delivery manager, says. 

NEXT broadens communication boundaries by linking the entire ecosystem together. In the NEXT Pharma Summit 2023, the representatives of well-known companies, startups, and patient associations had an opportunity to see each other live and talk one-on-one in a highly professional setup. Olena Volkova, regional director in the Estonian office of Viseven, says: 

‘I’m excited about how conferences and networking can tremendously stimulate the growth of the industry. That’s the main reason why I love my job. I like the process of sharing ideas. It really inspires us as a team. After visiting the NEXT Pharma Summit, we know better how we can uplift the level of customer engagement at Viseven.’ 

On the second day of the conference, Natalia Andreychuk, Viseven CEO, participated in a panel discussion called Cut Through the Noise: Engaging & Meaningful Content for Proper Stakeholder Engagements.  

Along with Almudena Fraga Gonzalez, director of global customer engagement and head of omnichannel strategic planning & implementation at Lundbeck, Adela Schulz, EU rheumatology strategy and operations omnichannel lead at UCB, and Nicole van Zanten, co-president and chief growth officer at ICUC, Natalia discussed many topics that are crucial for today’s marketing pharma and life sciences.  

The panel hosts talked about the current role of content in pharma, named the reasons for increasing digital maturity, emphasized the importance of personalizing content in the process of stakeholder engagement across multiple channels, and endorsed their views on the future of pharma marketing and customer experience. 

From her side, Natalia shared with the audience the benefits of using the modular content technique to achieve better engagements with different types of stakeholders in the market and optimize content production.  

Interestingly, that’s not the first time the Viseven team has visited Dubrovnik to attend the conference as a silver sponsor. The attendees might have seen Viseven’s booth during the NEXT Pharma Summit 2022. Natalia Andreychuk remembers: 

Our team was at the NEXT Pharma Summit the previous year. It was a very productive time. And it’s even more productive for us this year. I’d like to thank my panel associates and the participants of other panels for making their enormous contributions to digital evolution in pharma marketing. It’s great to be back and feel the atmosphere of this wonderful event. We had a lot of meetings which resulted in several potential partnerships. 

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