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Viseven at Dublin Tech Summit 2023: Driving IT in Tense Environment

Dublin Tech Summit

Summer is here. Viseven embraced its beginning by attending Dublin Tech Summit in Ireland—one of Europe’s hottest B2B events for IT companies—on May 31-June 2, 2023.

Dublin Tech Summit 2023 is a massive technology hub that hosted over 200 international speakers, over 150 startups, 80 corporate partners, and more than 200 media from 60 countries worldwide. 

Industry leaders, innovation pioneers, and technology enthusiasts had a great chance to exchange knowledge, insights, and expertise with each other and get an immense charge of inspiration for the future of IT that will bring many positive changes. 

The summit covered the latest trends in digital and business transformation, enterprise software solutions, big data and analytics, diversity and equality, sustainability, tech for good, future workforce, artificial intelligence and machine learning, security and privacy, the Internet of Things, 5G, extended reality, metaverse, blockchain, deep tech, investment, and international trade.

This year, Dublin Tech Summit was exceptional for Viseven as a Ukraine-based company.

It was a big honor for the Viseven team to represent Ukraine as part of the IT Ukraine Association delegation comprised of such companies as Digicode, Jevera, Intetics, Lampa Software, Devlight, Sigma Software, and Itera. 

For the first time in DTS history, Ukraine had its national booth under the patronage of Larysa Gerasko, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Ireland. 

At the Viseven section of the Ukrainian booth, the event attendees had an opportunity to meet:  

  • Yuliya Sotska, Chief Brand & Communications Officer at Viseven  
  • Alina Kononchuk, Events Planning Coordinator at Viseven  
  • Oksana Pashchenko, Head of Commercial Operations & Strategy at eWizard  
  • Yevheniia Buhaienko, Product Marketing Manager at Viseven  

The Viseven team had a very saturated agenda throughout all three days of the conference. 

Along with demonstrating MarTech services for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies at their booth, the team members got to know many different professionals from multiple segments of the IT market and attended several panel discussions.

On the second day of the event, Yuliya Sotska, Chief Brand & Communications Officer at Viseven, took part in a panel discussion Ukraine IT Panel: Digitalization of business in times of uncertainty accompanied by: 

  • Ihor Polych, CEO at Devlight
  • Vlad Khodzinskiy, Vise President at Sigma Software Group 
  • Oleksandr Storokha, Country Head at Itera Ukraine & Itera Poland 
  • Mary-Ann Russon, Freelance/Ex BBC (moderator) 

The panel participants discussed the challenges the IT business in Ukraine faced after the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022. Yuliya talked about the experience of Viseven and shared with the audience the solutions that can help a business to adapt to dire circumstances – if such occur. 

“In a very stressful environment, you as a company must showcase to your clients your strength, the ability to have a plan, and be flexible about it,” Yuliya says. 

Despite the dangers and threats caused by the war, the Ukrainian segment of the Viseven team continues to grow and show incredible results by successfully assisting pharma and life sciences companies of different sizes in building their marketing strategies. 

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