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The Viseven’s Journey in November Pharma Events 

For Viseven, life sciences events are more than just a chance to deliver a marketing pitch. While we certainly have our business agenda in mind, our team views these events first and foremost as opportunities for networking, continuous learning, and growth. 

In November, Viseven attended the world’s biggest tech and pharma events listening to insights of those who made it and those who inspire to make it. Our team took the spotlight to talk about artificial intelligence, personalization, modular content, and data analytics. Let’s take a closer look at how it all happened. 

Raising Awareness at Web Summit 2023 

From November 13 to 16, the Viseven team participated in Web Summit 2023, one of the world’s largest tech events. The summit was held in Lisbon, Portugal, attracting over 70,000 attendees hungry for new insights, networking, and the energetic boost that come from charismatic speakers. 

It felt as if LinkedIn had come to life! More than 900 investors and 800 speakers set a stage for valuable communications and discussions on the future of technology. Ukraine made a strong presence with twenty-five promising startups, capturing the attention of potential investors. These startups showcased projects in the areas of sustainability, artificial intelligence, and advancements in mental and physical health – all the zeitgeist-y fields that you might hear about as rapidly evolving. 

On November 14, Yuliya Sotska, Chief Brand & Communications Officer at Viseven, served as the moderator for a panel titled “Growth and War: Innovation in Ukraine’s Tech Ecosystem.” During the discussion, Yuliya talked about the resilience and growth of the tech market in Ukraine despite the unprecedented challenges posed by Russia’s war against Ukraine. 

“We have learned to have backup plans, think on our feet, and constantly come up with innovative ways to raise awareness or funds. Even if we set aside the thoughts of war for a moment, today tech companies worldwide are challenged to operate in an environment that is complex, dynamic, uncertain, and volatile. Partnering with Ukraine’s tech companies, which are well equipped to deal with changes and uncertainties that come their way, appears as a win-win opportunity”, says Yulia. 

Anna Zolotnytska, Head of PR, and Yaroslava Upatova, Product Portfolio Expert, were present at the event, offering valuable insights to the discussions. They had an increasingly important mission: to emphasize that Ukraine’s IT sector is not just alive but thriving and eager for international, mutually beneficial partnerships. 

6th Annual Panagora Pharma CX Tech Summit

Right around the same time as the Web Summit, another interesting event was taking place on the opposite side of the Atlantic in Princeton, NJ, United States. November 16 was the day for The 6th Annual Panagora Pharma CX Tech Summit. This annual gathering highlighted how the life sciences industry could leverage technology to enhance customer experience for both healthcare providers (HCPs) and patients. This year, over 125 marketing experts explored the impact of artificial intelligence, automation, and personalization on customer journeys – topics we touch upon often in our panel discussions, webinars, and blog posts

The PanAgora Pharma CX event attracted senior-level customer experience and marketing executives from around the world. Oksana Matviienko, Regional Director at Viseven, had a privilege to share the stage with Mary Lassiter and Ryan Rosenberg. Together, they went over the role of modular content in personalization at scale, tackling the following questions: 

  • Why should we all care about modular content? 
  • How can pharma brands experiment with the modular approach? 
  • What are the key strategies for trouble-free implementation of the modular strategy? 
  • What is the future of modular content? 

The summit left a lasting impression on Oksana. On her LinkedIn, she wrote, “Great place to find new connections and catch up with old friends. Mr. Potato Head is now my favorite way to describe what modular content is”. The event participants engaged in meaningful yet entertaining discussions, interacted with industry peers and thought leaders, and even challenged some of their beliefs related to modular content.

NEXT Pharma CX & Engagement Summit 

Next Pharma CX & Engagement is 250 knowledge-seeking attendees, 40 inspiring speakers, and one incredible Vienna. The Viseven team could not miss out on an event that felt like a reunion with good old friends. The summit gathered professionals who dedicated their entire careers to delivering personalized and authentic customer experiences and journeys. 

On November 21, Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO at Viseven, participated in the discussion on the secret ingredients to a differentiated customer experience. During the conversation, Nataliya also handed over the microphone to Adela Schulz, iEU Rheumatology Strategy and Operations Omnichannel Lead at UCB, Dirk Abeel, Head Go-to-market Health & Life Sciences and CSM at Pitcher, and Marina Luca, Global Digital Excellence Director at Servier. These seasoned experts revealed the key approaches to ensure perfect customer experience. 

Here are some major takeaways to reflect upon: 

  • Having a compelling story up in your sleeve may work with HCPs but is certainly not enough to deliver superior customer experience. 
  • AI has made our science fiction dreams come true. The next step is to make this technology more humane. 
  • Customers do not have to make an effort to find your content. Period. 
  • Statistically, HCPs spend a staggering 4.5 hours a day dealing with Electronic Health Records. Overwhelmed with administrative tasks, they often feel like they have strayed from their mission of saving lives. The goal of MarTech companies is to make their work lives easier by delivering useful, tailored content. 

Webinar “The Power of Data Visualization in Pharma Marketing Campaigns”

It is hard not to notice that Viseven enjoys offline conferences and events. Sharing our own takes on stage and listening to attendees who speak from their experience not only fosters our sense of belonging to something big and meaningful but also amplifies our innovation and know-how. But, to tell the truth, connecting with our audience online is just as rewarding and exciting! 

On November 23, Ezequiel Salvarezza, the Head of the Latam CoE at Viseven, led an inspiring webinar for the Latin American audience and received numerous positive comments. The central theme revolved around the role of data analytics in pharmaceutical marketing campaigns. Salvarezza made it crystal clear – for fast and effective communication and decision-making, data should be conveyed through visuals. Thirty-two attendees learned from Salvarezza how to make their data speak trends, patterns, and insights. 

The November events injected fresh energy into our work and inspired us to persevere with a more client-focused mindset. At Viseven, we anticipate more thought-provoking conferences and summits in the months to come. 

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