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eLearning Application for Pharmacists ​with Interactive Content

elearning application for pharmacists


Industry: Pharmaceutical 

Location: Denmark 

Size: 99.000 employees (117.00 now) 

Company Description 

A health care company that specializes in medical devices, diagnostics, branded generic medicines and nutritional products.  

The company focuses on a wide array of medical and pharma solutions: from chronic pain and movement disorders to connecting patients to doctors with real-time monitoring information and testing half the world’s blood donations to ensure a healthy supply. 

Project Details

People: 8  

Timeline: 1300 hours and 4 months  


  • Angular (PWA) 
  • Firebase 
  • Swift 
  • Java 
  • HTML5 
  • eWizard 
  • Photoshop 
  • Git 
  • Visualforce 
  • Studio 
  • Gigya 

Project Overview 

The goal of the request was to create an educational app for pharmacists with the help of interactive visual materials. The educational point was to provide the Pharmacists with more detailed information about strategic marketing in the pharmaceutical business. For these purposes, we decided to create two native mobile apps and interactive educational materials (which were the basis for Survey functionality in eWizard). 

Another critical step was to create an administrative portal where the admin could follow the analytics of app usage and upload respective courses to respective countries. 

Why Viseven? 

Cooperation started in 2010 and the long story of relationships resulted in many services in various domains, such as Mobile Development, CRM and CLM solutions, Web development, etc. 

The development of the “Pharmacist Guide” started in 2015 and, since 2020 project is in the long-term support stage. 


To fulfill customer’s request appropriately, we enumerated the stages of the project: 

  • concept creation; 
  • design;
  • development; 
  • testing; 
  • UAT;
  • go-live;
  • support;
  • customization (new modules);
  • localization of app and modules. 

The application should allow pharmacists to log in via a specific code. Inside, they should be able to find the courses with interactive materials to see, listen to, and answer the survey questions to see if the information is understood. The users in one region were defined in the ranking list to add some gamification. 

From an admin perspective, it was possible to create countries, upload courses and materials and also follow the analytics. 

To fulfill the high-quality standards, software quality and security followed Guidelines and Security Check. To follow these guidelines, Viseven and client constantly communicated via email and Google Meet with the following regular activities:  

  • General Stand-Up with Customer 
  • Regular Status call (weekly)  
  • Customer demo after each iteration 
  • Requirements 
  • Grooming sessions. 


Viseven managed to fulfill the request and met time and budget estimates. The product was launched in approximately 15 countries with around 5000 users involved. Although all further statistic is not available, as the Customer manages it, Client was satisfied with the outcome of the collaboration, especially by design and quality of the application. A client requested some customized and localized modules to add to the project scope after release as a separate initiative. 

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