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The Secret of Effective Interactive Visual Aid for Pharma Company

interactive visual aid

Every reputable company has to conduct some promotional campaign to spread recognition about their product or services, even in such times of fast-growing markets as the pharmaceutical one. When promoting your products or services, you do the same about your company brand. It would be better to elaborate on an effective marketing campaign if you’d like to reach a decent level of recognition.

The “effective visual marketing campaign” may sound quite harsh and complex for those familiar with the topic superficially. Nevertheless, don’t get flustered; there’s no need to invent a new method of product advertisement. There are many ways to promote your business ideas via visual aids like brochures, Thank You cards, whitepapers, etc. It especially became necessary in the pharma and life science industries.

Pharma Visual Aid stands in the first line when it comes to communication between the revenue team (marketers and medical representatives) and targeted audience (like health care providers (HCP)). Properly created attractive materials can increase your company’s brand awareness and add another score in the pharma industry leadership race.

Fancy-created pharma visual aids have all the essential product and service information that helps the viewer retrieve a lot of details. It should include the product company name, the compound of salts, the advantages, and other info that represent the complete picture of your business message. The pharma visual aids should be personalized and visually comforting for viewing as it dramatically influences physicians to decide to move forward with you or take a look at other proposals.

What is a pharma visual aid? 

The pharma IVA (Interactive visual aid) is usually a piece of printed work or an e-document providing product details. Healthcare professionals use it to show product detail to physicians. It consists of text, photos, logos, and schemes to illuminate all the information on the product.

The core visual aid for pharma companies is forceful

It takes a moment to understand an image that causes an enduring impression on the viewer’s mind. Graphics included in it help patients and physicians to recognize the product quickly. The famous aphorism that has gained time credibility states that a single picture speaks 1000 words.


Print and interactive visual aids provide all the critical details about the product. It combines texts, pictures, and symbols. Essentially, it assists the HCPs in keeping in mind medicine for a long so they would consider it relevant to prescribe it to the patient.

What are creative pharma visual aid design examples?

As mentioned above, such visual medical materials can be presented as e-documents, presentations, and eDetailers with interactive design elements such as navigation bars, pictures, graphs, diagrams, etc. It should consist of information that will nail all customer inquiries about the products or services designed and presented in the visual form.

For example, it could be an animation of the digestive process and an enzyme pill that gets inside and smoothes the process by unloading the pancreas and liver. If a particular process is presented as an interaction, it has to be consistent and creatively designed.

Why is it better for you to follow such an interactive pharma visual aid approach? We will dive deeper into the topic below.

Why is pharma visual design important for medical representative?

The evident reason is that it has all the necessary information about the medicine. It advises HCPs or medical representatives to acknowledge and consider the product comprehensively with a higher probability of prescribing it to the patients by a doctor.

Pharma visual aid design should clearly display all the info of the drug elements, such as a brand, compound, type, advantages, and indications for use.

Since HCPs are highly busy and hard to reach, medical representatives do not waste their time bubbling on the matter but catch their attention with concise pharma visual aid samples with interactive data they can follow and get what they need for their work.

The benefits of pharma visual aid

  • Capable tool for Brand Awareness

An interactive data visualization of fine quality is a solid medium for brand awareness among the target customers, even in these modern times.

  • Design Brand Identity

Pharma brands invest time and money to elaborate on conceptual pharma visual aid. They implement a design code that helps HCPs to understand and remember the brand identity.

  • Compound Information

The main point of a pharma visual aid is to give in-depth details about specific brands in a way that provides enduring brand uniqueness. It includes brands’ composition, indications, advantages, and mechanism of molecules in a precise creative description.

  • Visual marketing

A good pharma visual aid design assists companies in coaching their marketing team as if it gives a professional marketing pitch to customers. These solutions help them to remember the unique sales aid examples of their brands.

Pharma visual aid is a dominant and influential means to design a niche for emerging businesses in the pharma market. Currently, pharmaceutical and healthcare brands are rapidly entering an extremely competitive pharmaceutical market. In such conditions, memorable, creatively designed pharma visual aid for medical representatives can provide aid for sales and drive pharmaceutical purchases.

What are the challenges in visual aid pharma marketing?

The pharma visual aid contains a large number of slides, but navigating between them is tough and uncomfortable, so the rep doesn’t simply have the time to switch over. In the flow of the conversation with the HCP, even seconds count.

Here are some practical examples:

Suppose the doctor asked a question about a drug – and the issue is actually covered in the presentation quite well; there’s a slide to show. Still, since navigating to it takes time, the rep may be (subconsciously) reluctant to use it, sticking to the general flow. Of course, the result is a stale conversation.

Exactly what doctors complain about – in 64% of cases, it’s repetitive information again and again.

Here’s another situation: the rep sits across the table or next to the HCP, showing slides on the tablet. Now, what’s the screen size? Arguably not that large. And the slide is so overloaded with information that the font size is as if intended for a website. The HCP has either to strain their eyes to see the content, waste another several seconds to take the tablet in their own hands – or just ignore the entire slide. This is, unfortunately, quite common.

How to create a pharma visual aid design to gain more sales?

Many manufacturers create pharma visual aid as a way of adding general, but important, info about the company’s indications, statistics with some graphs, and cure rates. It can drive sales if you stick to some main rules while designing a pharma visual aid:

  • Cohesive exact info

The main objective of a pharma visual aid design is to provide the compound, indications, and advantages of the specific product, so it should not meet someone halfway in the name of creativity.

  • Edged brand purpose

Any pharmaceutical sales manager should have a clear and precise image of the main aim of the particular brand, and it should be shown directly in their story.

  • Unique selling proposition

Your company will stick out among other medicines of the same compound if you succeed in outlining your unique selling proposition in your pharma visual aids.

  • Visually attractive

A picture talks a thousand words. Design your core visual message through applicable images. It would help HCPs to keep in mind your brand smoothly.

Sticking to these four simple formulas will bring you a significant increase in your crucial and important productivity metrics.

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