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New chapter: Stay on Top of Pharma and Life Science News with Viseven

Stay on Top of Pharma and Life Science News with Viseven

When changing the mindset of the whole world (okay, not the world but a vital industry), your most important task is not to hamper your own progress and to change yourself. Unluckily, this is the destiny of many of those who facilitate changes – talking about changes but not being subjected to them. Our path is different as many of our initiatives this year start – no, not from scratch, but a new bright page in Viseven’s book of achievements.

Viseven gets a new look: follow our website

Once you are here, we guess you already appreciated the new, upgraded look and content of our website. We’ve worked on it in order to introduce you to the thousands of changes, innovations, and big and small improvements that our services have received over the past year. Going through this, some chapters are giving you a correct picture of what we do for life sciences as the trailblazers of their digital transformation, some are telling the stories of our mutual growth, some are showing the concrete impact of our mutual efforts, and, of course, in Hogw…. we took care that help would be given to those who asks for it. Thus, don’t hesitate to investigate each corner of our website and ask us directly, clicking the get a consultation button once our assistance is required.

Viseven unveils the latest updates on digital marketing in pharma

Next in line for an upgrade is our newsletter that starting this month becomes even more personalized and spreads even more news about our daily lives, captivating pharma events, and first-hand experience on digital transformation behind the scenes of the biggest pharma companies today. This publication is all about what’s new and fresh in life sciences’ digital excellence:

  • omnichannel campaigning
  • fine nuances of content governance and production
  • personalized experiences in HCP communication
  • modular projects and more.

[Spoiler alert] Along with some interesting videos and many insightful readings, those who will subscribe to our newsletter this month will be among the first who will be aware of all the intriguing details and process of preparation for our upcoming session at Next Normal on April 28. Save your seat as our best minds on modular and omnichannel content will share our best insights with speakers from Teva and Sanofi.

This time, we are also ready to announce unprecedented webinar series that was on our minds for a long time. Subscribe and learn what is the Modular Content Lab and how this brand-new format of sharing innovative takes on content creation in pharma will introduce pharma to a future era of communication.

This was just a snippet – for more information, subscribe now!

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