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POSTPONED: “Webinar: the AI challenge as the next chapter of digital transformation”

Post Webinar the AI challenge
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POSTPONED: "Webinar: The next chapter
of the digital transformation journey:
The AI Challenge"

June 27, 2023
Post Webinar the AI challenge
Webinar agenda

Digital transformation challenges, risks, and desired outcomes

See if digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry is worth the effort and resources put into it. What are the difficulties companies may encounter as they innovate?

Digital transformation journey: Customer and Team

Instead of just forcing the use of advanced software applications and machines, high‑touch industries must focus on change management and smooth transition – both for employees and customers.

The role of AI: full adoption concerns, regulations, and a human factor

This webinar section is all about balance between regulations and easy adoption of AI in the pharmaceutical industry. The readiness of AI technologies is another point of concern.

Tune in, make your voice heard
Take your part through polls or raise a question

We are not leaving the webinar attendees out of discussion.

The expediency of digital transformation and the related change management challenges are the hot topics in pharma, so let us address them together.

How about AI? Is it a threat? Is it a brilliant opportunity?

See you on the webinar!
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