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Webinar: Achieving HCP engagement

achieving hcp engagement
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Webinar: HCP engagement
with an omnichannel event approach

July 13, 2023
achieving hcp engagement
What we'll cover

What are some notable tech trends when it comes to omnichannel events?

How do events create value for HCPs and life science companies?

What practices could event hosts immediately apply to increase engagement?

The speakers will go through these topics and more, so come learn how to increase attendance and engagement at your events, collect the event data to populate CRM databases, and draw the insights to act upon.

Hear our experts talk
Invaluable knowledge, first-hand

Viseven’s Head of Omnichannel, Pavlo Klymenko, is going to share his vast experience in life science communications with our listeners.

Digital&omnichannel communication, customer experience, congress&event organization, field marketing, event technology – professionals of all ranks are welcome to tune in.

See you on the webinar!
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