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13th Annual Digital Pharma East Conference

Digital Pharma East

What, Where, and Why?

Last September, the creme de la creme of pharma marketing gathered at digital pharma east: from multichannel marketing leaders to digital gurus of Life Sciences, who will talk the talk. Representatives of Teva, Pfizer, GSK, Bayer, Ferring, Abbvie, Eli Lilly, UCB, Boehringer Ingelheim, Mylan, Novartis and many more discussed the most innovative approaches in engaging audiences, creating content and bringing value to the end consumer.

  1. Patient Centricity and Digital Interactions — What Is and Is Not Patient Centricity?
  2. The Creation of a More Integrated Customer Experience: How Do We Connect Content, Channels, and Analytics in HCP Targeting?
  3. The Power of a Multichannel Strategy that Addresses Modern Customer Needs and Delivers ROI: Are You Ready to Link Your Myriad Activities Together to Create a Seamless User Experience?
  4. Today’s Innovation Landscape: How Can We Incorporate Innovation Teams Across the Business and Use Innovative Methods to Solve Business Challenges?

Viseven could not walk by such a plentiful event, so we joined in with our view on the marketing side of things. As 10 years of pharma marketing arena passed by, Viseven has seen marketing landscape evolve and revolve. Throughout our 10-year-wide journey of content development in the global pharmaceutical market, our core mission has always been helping pharma companies connect patient-centricity, patient engagement, and strategic imperatives with the right content and multi-channel mix.

Create Once – Publish Everywhere

This year we presented a modular approach to content creation, which has already passed the scrutiny of our most vigilant customers. Working with 30 Life Sciences customers around the globe condensed into a long-awaited, revolutionary multichannel 2.0 approach ‘Create once – publish everywhere’ (COPE). The new paradigm of Connected Content is rethinking content and channels through the prism of sustainability and affordability, coinciding with the overarching subject patterns of the upcoming event.

The Event Overview

The organizers have prepared a multifaceted agenda, which continued to challenge the marketing masterminds for the month to come.

  • Digital transformation as an enterprise-wide commitment to your evolved customer
  • Aligning innovation with business objectives
  • Connecting the disconnect between Marketing and Sales: Using Cross-Channel, Content and Data to inform the Customer Experience
  • From Digital Analytics to the Digital ROIs and linking Digital Analytics with traditional non-Digital Analytics
  • Digital Therapeutics/Beyond the Pill/ Investing in the space vs. designing new models to make that work at a practical level
  • Multichannel engagement and the new model that combines online and offline channels in a way that generates real results
  • Are “patient solutions” really that? Addressing whether physicians are more likely to prescribe your drug if you are providing a patient support tool or network

… and much more!

The Venue

More than just the “largest ballroom in the North East”, as it is often referred to, the Pennsylvania Convention Center is firmly on the list of the most valued meeting facilities in the U.S. This imposing building is conveniently located in the center of Philadelphia, just several minutes away from Franklin Square and the architectural treasure the City Hall. Of course, if you feel like exploring the birthplace of America in the intervals between taking action for improved strategies, the major attractions are not far away. For lodging, you may consider the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Hotel, which is also recommended by the event managers.

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