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Dynamic mobile apps – a modern digital trend

Christmas is here. Shining decorations around, Christmas trees, cozy atmosphere, long-awaited magic – incredible period of time, when not only kids, but parents begin to believe in a fairy-tale. Christmas is always a reason for a wonderful homeward bound, family reunion – probably the happiest moments in our lives. It`s also time for presenting beautiful gifts to each other. What do you prefer more: to give or to receive the gifts?

In any case, everybody is going to think about the presents for their nearest and dearest. The pre-Christmas period and December as well – time, when there are the highest shopping peaks. According to Salesforce (Resource: Infographic, Salesforce Blog, Digital marketing trends to watch out for this holiday season) 52,9% of holiday shopping was completed by December 10th for the average shopper. People begin to buy presents early before the holidays, the highest peaks are in November both for women (38%) and for men (42%).

Digital technologies have been interwoven very closely and tightly with real life and daily tasks. Moreover, it becomes very easy nowadays to buy products through special mobile applications, to check the order and purchase it. Free shop apps can be of great advantage for those, who are busy and have lack of time. In addition, we are able to perform several activities at the same time, combining digital tools.

More and more people use sales mobile apps all over the world. The research proves, that 47% of surveyed download mobile shopping apps. Of course, mobile shop apps are more popular among women than men.

While according to another survey 88% use retail mobile apps, 61% of respondents use their retail mobile app at least once a month and 26% of respondents are avid customers who use the app and shop in-store at least 7 times a month. What are the main reasons of such boom?

If you would like to buy a new piece of clothing, to find the present or the gift for your beloved or friends, or to decorate the living room, you can look for a proper web-site or download mobile sales app, which will allow you to make necessary purchases. The online-sellers assure of product quality, they put photo images on the web-site in order you can see what you are going to purchase or pay attention to the material, texture and other characteristics of the product or to read comments of the customers, who has already bought the product.

What an easy thing – to make online purchases. It can be real fun to look through the pages, bright photos and get info about the product, not wasting the whole day, running from one store to another or stand in a line. The mobile tools for selling offer numerous opportunities to optimize the process of making purchases. Customers also use their phones to make shopping lists, find a location of the store, make in-store price comparison and other (Resource: Why sell via mobile now?). Such customer-seller interaction increases customer engagement and strengthens loyalty to the brand.

Without any doubt, mobile applications change how even small businesses get their job done. In fact, applications support interactions and prolonged quality conversation with their customers, provided them with valuable information. According to Forbes Here’s your business needs its own mobile app”, there are quite a lot of reasons why it is important to have an app for business: creation of direct marketing channel, providing value to your customers, building brand and recognition, cultivating customer loyalty and more.

Let`s look how it works in pharma industry: applications, devices and other digital tools contribute collaboration of all stakeholders. They unite them in one ecosystem, in which each person (patient, physician, provider, KAM, brand or product manager and other) is able to perform his or her own tasks, track activities, receive and get required information at the same time. As sales mobile apps create a better environment for making orders and purchase products, uniting sellers and customers, so digital apps for pharma companies allow to improve business and communication processes.

For instance, Veeva system, Rainmaker app, Viseven CRM and CLM system are not the only platform providing better opportunities for a healthcare industry. In particularly, Viseven offers a great opportunity to stand on the road of insightful digital multichannel communication, as well as to keep in contact with your target audience. In addition, you can easily gather feedback, KPIs to track eDetailing efficiency and be aware of customer`s needs and preferences.

There are, of course, many other areas in which mobile apps are good helpers and bridges between your brand and customers. Wherever you look, you`ll see how fast the number of mobile apps and digital trends is growing. The predictions are – by 2016 there will be 10 billion mobile Internet devices used globally (Source: Infographic, A mobile Storm in the Cloud)!


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