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Viseven at CPHI Korea to Witness Growth and Evolution in Pharma

On August 30 – September 1, the Viseven team, including Yiseo Cheon, Account Manager, and Suyoung Kim, SDR Team Lead, attended CPHI Korea, one of the main conferences facilitating Korean pharma’s evolution.

CPHI is a global platform that unites over 100,000 professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, hosting events in Spain, North America, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea. 

The events cover every step of the pharma supply chain: ingredients, machinery, equipment, technology, package and contract service suppliers, distributors, and buyers from the pharmaceutical industry. 

This year at CPHI Korea, over 300 exhibitors represented 14 industries: 

  • active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) 
  • generic APIs 
  • custom manufacturing 
  • intermediates, fine and specialty chemicals 
  • excipients 
  • finished dosage forms 
  • pharmaceutical machinery & technology 
  • laboratory and analytical equipment 
  • biopharmaceuticals 
  • pharmaceutical packaging 
  • natural extracts
  • contract services 
  • health ingredients 
  • food ingredients 

The conference agenda included five sessions about the Korea Drug Research Association’s innovation policy, ingredients, sustainable API production, the US dietary supplement industry, and the global business expansion of biotech companies. Additionally, attendees had an opportunity to visit over 20 exhibitor seminars conducted based on unique case studies and research. 

Yiseo Cheon, Account Manager, and Suyoung Kim, SDR Team Lead, visited CPHI Korea to meet numerous local pharmaceutical and biotech companies that aim to expand from the local to the global market, including Europe and America. The Viseven team engaged with individuals in the medical industry from over 60 companies in Korea. The team’s main goal at the event was to meet local medical companies in advance and explore their needs. 

During interactions with a wide range of medical and biotech companies, we noticed that most local biotech companies require our digital marketing and design services, such as 2D and 3D videos and printed materials in English. The reason for this demand is their intention to develop and promote their biotechnology on a global scale,” Yiseo Cheon, Account Manager at Viseven. 

While there are a few local marketing design agencies in Korea, the expertise and specialized services offered by Viseven in the medical industry left a strong impression on local biotech companies in Korea. 

At the event, the Viseven team showcased its services using portfolio presentation and medical animation videos. After the event, one of the local biotech companies in Korea agreed to acquire the design service. 

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