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Viseven at Pharma Events: The September-October Recap 

Viseven’s mission as a global provider of MarTech services is to facilitate digital maturity and move innovation forward within organizations that play a crucial role in the evolution of pharma and life sciences worldwide, including Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, and Asia-Pacific (APAC). Viseven at Pharma Events: The September-October Recap 

Throughout many years, the number of our customers and partners in different domains of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries has been increasing for one reason – we love networking!  

Every month, the Viseven team attends diverse industry events to explore the hottest trends and practices in the latest technology and omnichannel marketing. 

In September and October 2023, the Viseven team visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Japan, England, Germany, and Switzerland to attend the key events and learn more about the hottest trends and practices in omnichannel pharma marketing and technology. 

The 3rd International ACS Congress 

On September 15-16, 2023, Mehdi Ayadi, Account Executive at Viseven, attended the third International Congress of the American College of Surgeons in Dubai, UAE, to connect with companies and professionals exploring the most recent developments in surgical practices and research. 

Throughout the two days of the conference, attendees had an opportunity to see innovations from companies exhibiting healthcare services, medical equipment, and pharma products and take part in 17 sessions about the latest practices and insights in laparoscopic, bariatric, robotic, orthopedic, plastic, breast, pediatric, and other types of surgery.  

The congress’ scientific program included surgical research presentations, video-based education sessions showcasing surgical procedures, postgraduate courses, and workshops about best practices in surgical education and the latest training methods. Nearly 60 speakers from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada shared their knowledge and experience across essential surgical specialties. 

Mehdi Ayadi connected with representatives of companies that offer healthcare solutions, medical technology, and pharmaceutical products and services to showcase the omnichannel marketing service and the digital content factory solution provided by Viseven. 

“The third International Congress of the American College of Surgeons is an event that brought lots of great opportunities. For Viseven, it’s an honor to be here and use these opportunities for networking. Many businesses worldwide and in the Middle East realize that personalization is the future of customer engagement. Our goal at the event was to demonstrate how it works in practice,” says Mehdi Ayadi, Account Executive at Viseven. 


On 19-21 September, Mehdi Ayadi attended one more spectacular event in Dubai – Arablab 2023, a conference where thousands of attendees engaged with over 1,000 exhibitors from 120 countries and 18 industries, including agriculture, chemical engineering, energy & environment, food testing, laboratory technology, material testing, nanotechnology, robotics & automation, and beyond. 

During the three days of the event, attendees could visit more than 50 seminars and learn more about intelligent digitalization tools for laboratory data, data security in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical safety awareness, drug detection in the dairy industry, real-time analysis of cellular metabolism, and other trending topics. 

Along with discovering how companies facilitate the growth in biotechnology, life sciences, drug discovery and development, and other domains related to healthcare, Mehdi was excited to network with some professionals to discuss the latest techniques in marketing personalization and show them digital solutions powered by Viseven. 

The 4th Annual CX Management for Life Science 

On October 12-13, Nataliya Andreychuk, Viseven CEO, visited Zurich to attend the fourth Annual CX Management for Life Science, one of the world’s central events that highlights the latest practices in delivering the best experiences for patients and healthcare professionals. 

At the event, attendees had an opportunity to join representatives of top pharma companies like Takeda, Pfizer, Merck, Sandoz, Bayer, and Roche in almost 20 panel discussions.  

On the first day of the event, Nataliya Andreychuk was a moderator at the panel called AI Challenges and How Embracing New Tech Will Impact Healthcare, where she discussed the latest transformations caused by artificial intelligence and machine learning within the current pharma landscape. 

“I was excited to host this panel. I discovered how top companies are implementing AI and made a few connections that will help Viseven implement AI within digital ecosystems of customers more efficiently,” says Nataliya Andreychuk. 

Storylines Tour by Contentful 

On October 19, Nataliya Andreychuk, Viseven CEO, was in Berlin to attend Storylines Tour by Contentful, a series of events that also happened in New York, Paris, London, and Silicon Valley. 

Storylines Tour in Berlin had a saturated agenda that included more than ten sessions where attendees could learn about eCommerce, AI for design, content engagement, customer experiences, personalized customer journeys, global digital experiences, and beyond. 

“Thanks, Paul Biggs and the rest of the Contentful team, who put such a great event together! I learned, had fun, and spent time with a variety of intelligent, fantastic people,” says Nataliya Andreychuk, Viseven CEO. 

Reuters Pharma Japan 2023 

On October 24-25, Ethan Greely, Outbound Sales Development Representative at Viseven, and Inyong Lee, Senior Account Manager at Viseven, were in Tokyo to attend Reuters Pharma Japan, one of the most significant industry events in the APAC region. 

More than 55 speakers from the world’s top pharma companies, such as Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, Moderna, Pfizer, Takeda, Johnson & Johnson, and Bayer, hosted over 20 keynotes. 

The event’s visitors had a chance to learn more about sustainable healthcare ecosystems, patient centricity, digital promotion, big data, artificial intelligence, patient experiences, and other innovative trends in the pharma industry. 

As one of the event’s exhibitors, Viseven was excited to meet with attendees at its booth, where Ethan Greely and Inyong Lee showcased the possibilities of eWizard, a content experience platform developed by Viseven. 

“Reuters Pharma Japan 2023 was very fruitful for Viseven. We made several significant connections with representatives of pharma companies that have some bottlenecks in the production and delivery of their medical content. They liked eWizard’s functionality and want to examine its possibilities deeply in the near future,” says Inyong Lee, Senior Account Manager at Viseven. 

The 4th Annual Pharma AI Summit 

On October 26-27, Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO at Viseven, and Olena Volkova, Regional Director at Viseven, went to London to participate in the fourth Annual Pharma AI Summit and discover the latest trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning domains. 

Organized by GlobalBSG, the Annual Pharma AI Summit is one of the world’s most innovative events for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biomedical, biotech, data analytics, and AI companies.  

The event united healthcare professionals, research scientists, data scientists, and C-level executives to share, explore, and generate insights and grasp the latest transformations caused by artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry and life sciences. 

The summit covered the list of the hottest topics: 

  • AI & ML data infrastructure and architecture 
  • AI governance capabilities, data policies, and ethics 
  • AI and the clinical trial design and optimization 
  • Virtual patients, digital twins, and causal disease models 
  • AI integration for novel drug discovery 
  • A deep learning Library for sequential claims data 
  • The effects of RNA-small molecule interactions at scale 
  • Natural language processing for the detection of adverse events 

Along with examining the latest capabilities of AI in pharma, Nataliya Andreychuk and Olena Volkova connected with managers of different businesses to introduce eWizard Video Maker, an AI-powered add-on for eWizard. Nataliya and Olena personally demonstrated how it can convert presentations into videos and create videos from scratch with AI avatars. After the add-on demonstration, the reps of several companies agreed to continue negotiations on possible collaboration with Viseven. 

Viseven Lunch & Learn 

Beside different events all around the globe, the Viseven team organizes its own events to share professional expertise and knowledge in pharma marketing. 

On October 25, Viseven, in collaboration with Marketing-Sales Executives of the Pharmaceutical-Healthcare Industry (MEPI), arranged an exclusive custom-tailored workshop in Manila, Philippines — Digital Marketing Transformation Journey — to empower marketing and sales executives with knowledge and skills. 

Lunch & Learn is a series of workshops that help dozens of professionals to explore the current digital landscape in the pharma and life sciences industries. 

Throughout the workshop, attendees explored the basics of digital transformation for pharma and life sciences organizations and asked their questions during the Q&A session.

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