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Engage and CoBrowse: where is the future of remote engagement?

Sometimes it seems too tough to reach the right HCP, be that doctor or pharmacist, right? No wonder, all of them are too busy doing their daily work. And, definitely, not anticipating med rep’s visit. Yet, you, as a pharma marketer, need to do that. For God’s sake, how?

Well, the only way out seems to reach HCPs at their convenience. Actually, the modern technology suggests that opportunity, providing a number of solutions for remote interactions with doctors and pharmacists. What’s more, if you are a regular Veeva user, it’s even easier to make such type of interactions a reality. Let’s have a closer look at how this works.

[Spoiler alert]: Doctors and pharmacists like the idea of remote communication with med reps, KOLs and MSLs.

Increasing HCPs reach via online meetings with Veeva CRM Engage

Veeva CRM Engage empowers to break the restrictions of limited office access to healthcare professionals while preserving the benefits of in-person communication. Due to direct connection with CRM system, the solution combines 3 in 1: email, phone, and face-to-face interactions, keeping a sense of personalization. Such a combination enables full synchronization of all communication channels with live analytics capturing. Besides, it optimizes med reps daily routine together with ensuring key-message compliance across all the channels.

To keep it short, here’s the list of other advantages Veeva CRM Engage offers to both medical representatives and HCPs:

  • Better customer involvement – supply customer needs with relevant and timely interactive content, sharing it and communicating with them online.
  • Boosted productivity and improved reach – enable your medical representatives to work more efficiently and cover more contacts more frequently without spending extra resources.
  • Easy and cost-effective content reuse – keep your message consistent and compliant, easily updating content and approving it within minutes.

Expanding remote communication with Veeva CRM CoBrowse

Alongside with Veeva CRM Engage, you can try Veeva CRM CoBrowse, which suggests even more opportunities for remote interactions. The solution combines both self-detailing and medreps-guided detailing, providing HCPs a unique chance to opt for a more convenient type of communication.

Powered by CRM system, CoBrowse enables delivery of highly personalized content, based on previous interactions. Like Engage, doctors can choose the best time and explore relevant materials from any place and device. Among the other benefits are as follows:

  • Going beyond traditional face-to-face communication – share a link to the thematic websites with HCPs, containing digital materials of their interest, e.g. videos, interactive HTML5 presentations, clinical documents etc.
  • Convenient timing independently of location – both doctors and med reps can choose the best time of interactions and join CoBrowse session either on their laptop or tablet from anywhere.
  • Deep insights into customer behavior and needs – thanks to full integration with Veeva CRM, CoBrowse allows unveiling customer preferences and the way they interact with the materials presented. Having all those customer insights always at hand, you can tune the further communication, adapting it to the current HCPs needs and responding to them instantly.

Thus, as you can see, leveraging the smart technology not only helps you to improve interactions with customers but also to save time and money, as well as cut down on resources consumption.

Being the certified 4-Level Multichannel Veeva Partner, Viseven team is proud to offer you the most complete solution for managing communication with doctors and pharmacists on all the touchpoints – Digital Content Factory. It combines cloud-based platform for content management with two levels of access – for brand or product managers and for agencies or developers.

Due to full integration of Digital Content Factory with Veeva CLM, Vault PromoMats, Approved Email and CoBrowse, you can get the full control over your digital assets. The solution also empowers you to easily switch between communication channels, easily edit, update and adapt materials to either face-to-face or remote communication in a couple of clicks.

Besides, Digital Content Factory allows optimizing inner communication between teams and departments across global and local offices as well. Thus, you can save up to 50% on localization and updates, likewise speed up approval process up to 4 times. Want to see it in action? Drop us a line and request a free demo right away!

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