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How to Engage with Amazon’s Omnichannel Strategy in Pharma Industry?

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Omnichannel strategies are continuously implemented in many organizations that want to enhance their customers’ experience. Amazon’s omnichannel experiences are the keystone to customer retention that help to cover previous sales reductions. The omnichannel approach integrates offline and online channels where customers make purchase interactions via stores, websites, apps, mobile ads, push notifications, product pages, etc.

Abstract View of Amazon’s Omnichannel Experience

Amazon Omnichannel Retail provides a differentiated customer experience, so various channels smoothly correspond with each other to unchain an immersive journey for the customer demands and purchasing capacities.

Instead of running in parallel, the communication channels and the resources supporting them are designed and integrated to work together within the omnichannel solution. As a result, the experience of interacting across all of these channels becomes even more effective or enjoyable than using one channel separately. 

Why do you need to take advantage of this marketing approach? Let’s disclose it below.

Amazon’s customer experience: excellence in service and satisfaction

Amazon marketing strategy entails integration throughout various marketing channels such as social media, mobile app, push advertisements, newsletters, laptop purchasing, and chatbots that give easy access to products and services, improving the overall customer buying experience. 

For instance: Push notifications usually contain jokes or associated content. That attracts the attention and motivates customers to click through and go to the product web page where he sees descriptions of top-notch functions but hesitates to make purchase decisions. The system detects that the customer is long enough on the page; thus, the chatbot pops up with a live assistant to answer his questions and further works with the objections to complete sales. 

Such an omnichannel approach talks for itself. If you establish and set up such a level of excellence in your sales strategy with this approach, you will reach an increase in the KPI of your pharma business.

Besides, pharma omnichannel marketing inspires customers to always prioritize your brand instead of shopping around. Research shows that:

omnichannel leads to 90% higher customer retention than interaction through a single channel.

That ultimately makes your products and services visible across multiple offline and online locations, highlighting the importance of purchasing and helping you earn more income for your pharmaceutical company.

Omnichannel Amazon approach to Pharma customer engagement

People have noted how smart and innovative Amazon is in its customer engagement strategies. What shapes them so unique?

Most importantly, Amazon collects data on everyone from its audience while they use the shop on its site. Companies like Amazon are the pioneers of digital marketing. While Amazon didn’t invent omnichannel, it quickly embraced it and became a key component of its business model. Amazon knows every customer that buys from them and uses everyone’s data to provide a personalized and up-to-date experience. The central database is at the heart of their marketing model, which ensures seamless interaction between channel and device, which is the hallmark of omnichannel. Consumers flock to Amazon because they get a consistent and reliable experience that saves time and money and provides a high level of omnichannel customer service. They have a considerable arsenal of successful marketing tools to prove their point:


This is one of the most famous internet marketing techniques. SEO helps businesses appear as high as possible in search results for specific queries. Because so many product searchers start searching for purchases directly on Amazon’s web store (rather than Google), it has become the #1 product search engine on the internet.


They are at the core of Amazon’s SEO tactics and make products more visible. Once all relevant keywords have been researched and assigned to a product, more search queries may show the relevant product in the search results for potential shoppers.

Questions & Answers

Amazon takes care of every question from its customers as they often ask for specific details that are not displayed on the product page. Answering questions can improve the information content of a product page, as questions often point to more significant information gaps. So, moderators can add new details to the product or service description focused on the client’s needs.

These tools help Amazon collect data, effectively improve its service, and create a “360-degree view” of you as an individual customer. It is important to note that clients expect the same experience from the whole companies they cooperate with.

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How does it affect Pharma’s channel strategy?

First, you get an excellent opportunity to interact with your target audience through the channel they prefer by developing a unified communication system with customers in which different channels complement each other.

  • First, an omnichannel marketing strategy allows you to increase customer engagement and conversion as you can build a customer journey to get your audience to the information they need and are interested in. Thus you will get a higher response.

  • Furthermore, with omnichannel marketing, you can reduce customer acquisition costs by developing a mix of channels to meet customer demand to win their loyalty. Of course, you will avoid wasteful spending.​

  • Finally, you can address the core challenge of any content-driven omnichannel strategy—delivering related content that customers will genuinely appreciate.

With a constant stream of data across connected channels, you can track customer preferences and behavior in a new way—overcoming the limitations of some channels and seeing the bigger picture. There are things you can only see from a bird’s eye view of the entire customer experience journey, so omnichannel does just that.

Modular Content: Pharma Digital Marketing Strategy by Viseven

Most recently, we at Viseven introduced a new approach to content creation – Modular Content. Thanks to a thoughtful modular approach, you can use it everywhere once you create and approve it, from eDetailing to the website.

We break the content into flexible, independent fragments making it easy to reuse, repurpose, and republish content without additional effort, cost, or resources. Now content creation becomes smart: either with the help of an agency or on your own according to requirements.

That makes it possible to save time and budget for development while maintaining high-quality content. 

With the COPE approach, there is no unnecessary, redundant development. You can reuse and localize approved modules across all your omnichannel marketing channels. ​

Check out the extended presentation: Engage like Amazon: omnichannel HCPs engagement for pharma marketing from Viseven.

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