How to Engage like Amazon with Omnichannel strategy?

Digital has stepped firmly into our everyday life; that’s why it’s necessary to talk about such phenomena as Digital Transformation. As experts formulate it,

“Digital Transformation is not just a trend – it is an efficient strategy for all the businesses within next years”

Brand managers used to create a content plan for the following year – it was a straightforward prosses of approval, creation and delivery. But nowadays our digital world needs new content – personalized and visually appealing. Because of HCPs’ needs, pharma companies’ approach has changed – content can be changed and approved at the speed of the light because doctors need personalized content and they need it right now. For success, pharma companies should follow the new digital rules.

What enables Digital Transformation?

There are 5 most important factors:

  • Cloud Computing – All your data is saved in the cloud, not in the servers.
  • Artificial Intelligence – innovation tool that will automize many processes.
  • Big Data – it’s the terabytes of collected data with detailed insights and valuable information for decision-making purposes.
  • Internet of things – it is simply the sensors of the hardware devices that you interact with and that collect all this big data.
  • Mobility – industries made a significant shift towards using mobile technologies over the past few years. Throughout a day we have an ability to access any information just using our smartphones.

Let’s look at how these factors have shaped the reality of digital engagement – and why Amazon experience is a game-changer for pharma, too.

Digital marketing in pharma 2019

To see how digital evolution has impacted pharma industry we’ve prepared some of the key insights from the Healthcare Professional Communication Report for the year 2018.

  • 87% HCPs see a lot of benefits in digital devices
  • 79% use materials given by life science companies
  • 73% prefer emails
  • 57% see value in social media
  • 46% medical journal websites

As we can see from these numbers’ digital is the new frontier for physicians, and it’s the best place for pharma sales reps and marketers to meet them.

Pharma content distribution channels in 2019

By 2019, the set of channels available to life sciences communications had expanded to include a whole arsenal. Let’s look through what the leading companies are using to engage the HCP audience:

eDetailers. This channel has many advantages – visual appeal, interactivity, adaptability; it is a part of a successful face-to-face call or remote visit with a rep. In 2019 Viseven Team published 10 134 and created 33 586 eDetailers for various customers – which illustrates how important this channel is.

Emails deliver content about innovations, clinical trials, events – and can also serve as great follow-up to eDetailing. According to statistics, 46% of HCPs use published clinical trial results as a main source of information when a new drug has been launched.

Web (sites, landing, portals)

Your company’s site is frequently the first thing that customers see, so it’s better to create the best site ever to show that they can trust you. 

Mobile apps. Nowadays more than 97,000+ health apps are available for mobile and tablets. Pharmas use mobile applications to reach customers, optimize business processes and drive commercial success. Read more about this channel advantages to engage more and more clients.

eLearning. Learning with the help of digital tools is more efficient and convenient than conventional educational sessions. HCPs and patients get permanent access to up-to-date materials, drug prescription guidelines, diagnostics, etc.

AR/VR. Augmented reality and VR tools have been invading every area of healthcare. They are used for a huge scope of purposes – education, diagnostics, helping HCPs and patients, data gathering/storage and making impossible things possible.

Events, webinars, online meetings. HCPs respect opinion of their colleagues in the field. The best way to prove that your information is valid is to share quotes of trusted (popular) medical experts. Webinars, pharma events, conferences are the most obvious places to meet and engage them. During these events brand managers can interview medical specialists and use their authoritative opinion in content – it will make any materials more reliable in eyes of other HCPs.

Omnichannel approach is about using many different channels in order to reach your goal and success.

Multichannel marketing in pharma – Benefits

Multichannel marketing refers to the ability to interact with your target audience via many channels. They may include email campaigns, websites, social media, F2F communication, remote visits, phone calls, promo materials, webinars, conferences. ​

In multichannel marketing channels are not cross-connected: they exist separately from each other.

Marketers get better results by using more channels in automated workflows than those who use just one channel. But progressive marketing experts understand that each target audience prefers different channel according to their needs.

Omnichannel vs Multichannel in Pharma

Even though both omnichannel and multichannel strategies focus on the use of multiple channels to reach HCPs, these strategies are 2 very distinct and separate.

Omnichannel marketing leans toward the multichannel approach, which revolves around the HCP and creates a single top-quality experience across your brand and accounts for the spillover between channels. ​

Nowadays most pharma marketers choose multichannel and very few embrace the truly omnichannel one.

At this point, let’s remember that in general, companies with well-defined omnichannel customer experience strategies in place achieve a 91% higher year-over-year increase in customer retention rate on average, compared to organizations without omnichannel programs in place. ​

Consequently, pharma marketers must make the shift to focus on omnichannel efforts in order to increase HCPs loyalty and in turn, revenue. ​

As pharmaceutical marketers, we must begin to meet changing customer expectations by delivering omnichannel experiences. ​

Omnichannel experiences don’t just happen; they require planning, development, testing, implementation and ongoing optimization. They are insight- and data-driven, dynamic and highly personalized. We must plan and develop data driven experiences to track customer engagement at each step of the customer journey, regardless of channel or device. Automated data analysis provides customer insights and real-time business intelligence that’s used to extend the buying experience across channels and devices, continuing to evolve a dialogue with customers that enables sales and delivers relevant customer service when and where it’s needed. ​

Omnichannel marketing approach provides the customer with an integrated experience. It means that customer is reached via all the channels integrated into a unified system. Omni-channel provides a single, unified experience for the customer across all channels, developing new customer experience and increasing loyalty level.

Amazon Approach in Pharma customer engagement

People have noted how smart Amazon are in their customer engagement strategies. What makes them so special?

First of all, Amazon gathers data on every one of its customers while they use the Amazon site.

Companies like Amazon are pioneers in digital marketing. While Amazon didn’t invent omnichannel, they seized upon it quickly, and it’s a core component of their business model. Amazon knows every customer who purchases from them and leverages everyone’s data to provide a personalized, relevant experience. A central database underlies their marketing model, which enables the seamless experience across channels and devices that’s the hallmark of omnichannel. Customers flock to Amazon because they get a consistent, reliable experience that saves time and money, and provides a high level of service.  ​

They have a huge armory of marketing tools to make this possible. Among them are:

  • SEO – is one of the best-known methods of online marketing. SEO helps companies to appear as high as possible in the search results for specific queries. Because of huge amount of product searchers start their search on Amazon directly (than on Google) Amazon became #1 product search engine on the Internet.
  • Keywords are at the core of Amazon SEO tactics and they make products more visible. Once all the relevant keywords have been researched and assigned to the product, a larger variety of search queries can display the product in the search results.
  • Questions & Answers. Amazon cares about every question of their customers, as they often ask about specific details than isn’t displayed on the product page. Answering questions can improve the information content of the product page, as questions often point to larger information gaps, which can now be added to the description.

These tools are helping Amazon to gather data, improve their service efficiently and build up a “360-degree view” of you as an individual customer. Importantly, customers themselves are coming to expect this type of experience from all the companies they do business with.

Pharma channel strategy

First of all, you get a great opportunity to interact with your target audience via channels they prefer – by developing a unified system of customer communication where all channels empower each other.

Also, omnichannel marketing enables you to increase customer engagement and conversion – as you can build customer journey to engage your audience with the information they need and are interested in and in this way, you will get higher response. ​

Furthermore, with omnichannel marketing you can reduce customer acquisition costs – by developing channels combination to serve customer demand to win their loyalty and, of course, you will avoid non-effective spendings.​

Finally, you get to solve the ultimate challenge of any content-based multichannel strategy – delivering the relevant content, one that the customer really appreciates.

Once there’s a constant flow of data via the connected channels, you can track the customer preferences and behavior in a qualitatively new way – transcending the limitations inherent to some channels and seeing the whole picture. There are things you can only see once you get a bird’s eye view of the entire customer journey, so omnichannel grants exactly that. ​

Connected Content: Innovative Pharma Digital Marketing Strategy by Viseven

Also, recently we at Viseven introduced a brand-new approach to content creation – Connected Content. It means that creating it once, approving it, you can use it everywhere – from eDetailing to the website. It is possible due to the smart modular approach. ​

We split content into flexible independent fragments. This enables to reuse, repurpose, republish content easily, without extra effort, costs, or resources. Now content creation becomes fast and easy: to meet your requirements either with the agency or as a do-it-yourself approach. ​

This gives the option to save time and budget on development, while keeping the high content quality. ​

With the COPE approach, there is no unnecessary redundant development. You can just reuse and localize the approved modules across all the channels of your omnichannel marketing. ​
Check out the comprehensive presentation devoted to the topic “Engage Like Amazon”:

To find out more about the approach, contact our team of experts.

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