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Pharma Marketing Tools for Powerful Multichannel Strategy

Pharma Marketing Tools for Powerful Multichannel Strategy

How to stay on top of the competitive pharmaceutical market? Regardless of whether the goal is to promote newly launched product or improve brand perception and loyalty, the main point is in differentiating your brand among a plenty of other ones’. In 2019, digitalization is predicted to become the mainstream for each and every marketing strategy in pharma. In order to keep ahead of the continuous race, data quality should be an undoubted part yet patient-centricity remains on top. Today’s major pharma marketing task is to gain a deeper understanding on how customers interpret and respond to key messages. To help you stay ahead of the competitive game, we prepared a list of the most popular pharma marketing tools for productive and efficient brands promotion.

Statistics show: 9 out of 10 large pharma companies spend more on marketing than they do on R&D. According to several studies the administrative tasks take 1-2 hours per day to complete. In this regard, the digital environment is an excellent promoter, which facilitates direct answers.

A platform for content creation

It goes without saying, in order to keep brand identity as well as maintain recognition on both global and local levels localization is a must. Yet here comes a major question for any brand manager: how to localize without compromising key messages and brand consistency? Let’s take an email to show by example: adding just a few features to your existing email might become a tough task that requires more coding operations than you could imagine (not to mention wasting your budget on even tiny changes) – not very comparable to what we call “excellent” pharma marketing, right? If your marketing campaign isn’t supposed to be an average one, you will need a solution that covers all stages of an email campaign, from the beginning to the end.

As revealed by the latest statistics, almost 68% of physicians prefer to receive information from pharma reps via email.

Email marketing automation powered by eWizard and Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration helps to drive much more success at scale. It was created especially for pharma marketers and helps to create all types of content, such as emails, edetailers, websites, etc in a truly multichannel way.

Project management applications

Wondering – how to deliver your projects 2 or even 3 times faster? With the view to lead digital transformation successfully and simplify its processes project management applications should become a constant presence in pharma marketers’ toolkit. These apps enable to create and deliver a limitless amount of high-quality projects supporting smooth collaboration in teams. With a huge set of different functionalities to offer and scalable interfaces, they aim to handle the most challenging aspects of pharma marketing lifecycle: quick access to files, increased visibility, simplified workload, and much more. There are plenty of management apps to choose, such as Trello, Wrike, Asana, etc. These project organizers with visual boards are helping pharma marketers to eliminate time-consuming tasks, collaborate effectively with internal and external stakeholders and deliver flawless marketing campaigns.


SEO (search engine optimization) metrics provide a comprehensive view of your keyword domain linking Google Analytics with Search Console. Managing SEO processes of a marketing campaign might become a tough part of pharma marketer’s day-to-day work. Yet if you aim to intensify competitive research, SEMRush is a great all-in-one marketing suite for those companies who want to be ahead of their competitors. It offers tremendous benefits, such as Traffic analysis tool “Google analytics for competitors” (all data from customers’ browsing history). It’s always good practice to keep track on competitor’s websites effectiveness and a cherry on top – watch the efficiency of each page of your own website and constantly double its traffic. In a nutshell, SEMRush will grant you with a helicopter view on your website efficiency progress.

Marketing automation system

Each day pharma marketers are facing an immense amount of repetitive tasks: social media, SEO, follow up emails or other website activities. Thus, to skyrocket the success of your marketing campaigns, automation is vital. Inbound marketing strategies are all about maintaining long-term customer engagement and building valuable experiences. By creating relevant and helpful content, you become a real expert and advisor so there is no need to “reattract” customers again and again as you’ve already earned a lot of trust and credibility. Instead of using multiple applications and wasting money on each integration separately, it’s worth to manage all your marketing workflows within a single suite. This will give you a full view of each customer interaction and a much higher return on investments.

HubSpot is an all-in-one digital solution to boost your brand growth – almost everything you need for an effective marketing campaign just in one place. This is exceptionally helpful when you need to track a website efficiency or check the productivity of your email campaign. The platform provides software, services and 24/7 support for executing marketing flow all in one place round the clock.

HubSpot makes your SEO optimization easy. While creating your content, you can get keyword suggestions or SEO advice in order to stand out.

Localization? Easy!

The pharmaceutical industry is grasping the opportunity to expand its impact on emerging markets. Global pharma giants have already recognized that the only way to connect their brand to a new market is through smart localization. However, the question remains, how can pharma approach local areas in the exact same manner as it approaches all other countries? Localization requires much more effort than just translation from one language to another; just imagine the amount of time and efforts wasted on adjusting the content from your eDetailing, landing pages, social media posts or emails to any local requirements. Thus, to allocate resources, reduce costs on localizing activities and attain bigger market access, pharma stakeholders need to tighten their focus on a long-term perspective towards the whole localization process. In order to reduce all that complexity, consider using the eWizard platform: localize effortlessly and efficiently on time and within budget. With eWizard you can easily build real multichannel communication with 100% content reuse and localizing presentations in HTML5 format.

Data visualization CRM

Why CRM and how does it serve pharma marketers? First and foremost, with CRM system (Customer relationship management) you’ve got a 360 degree view on all your customer data with options to analyze, store, track and access data. All information could be easily filed and organized in perfect pipelines within CRM system. Great news: there is an array of different pharmaceutical CRM software to choose (IQVIA, bpm’online, Kapture, PharmaCode, Veeva CRM, to name just a few). All you need is to select the one, which fits your specific needs.

Veeva CRM is a leading digital solution for field and sales forces to optimize customer experience. With advanced functionalities pharma marketers could stay engaged with their customers via a the channel of their choice. Thanks to automatic content publishing from eWizard platform to Veeva Vault PromoMats, CRM or CLM they are in a full control of the whole spectrum of digital assets.

Comprehensive analytics and cloud solutions

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, with the help of Big Data strategies nearly USD 100 billion can be generated annually across the USA health care system.

Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-based computing and mobile technologies are the major drivers for raising the efficiency of the pharma marketing lifecycle. Due to increased demand for better and more comprehensive analytics, pharma marketers can be better prepared to predict any behavioral patterns of their audience. Analytical services are the only solutions that empower in-depth expertise. Moreover, they allow forecasting market demand and designing agile strategies. Data capture, ML, AI, virtual technologies, statistics, modeling… they all have been adopted to a high-speed healthcare space.

As shown by Deloitte research, by 2020 most of the healthcare industry, including pharma and biotech companies, will be harnessing either a public, a private or a hybrid cloud.

Digital communication

What is the first thing to come to mind when we think about virtual care? Beyond question it’s convenience. Waiting in front of the HCP’s cabinet might become a futile business, so thanks to latest technical solutions and remote tools pharmа reps are able to reach the audience without taking away their time while focusing on the main concerns. Physicians are more perceptive when they are in control of their schedule.

Pharma marketers have a great opportunity to guide their audience through key points interactively. After a remote session, a follow-up email with previously discussed data can be sent directly to a customer mailbox. Benefits? You can ensure the highest quality of all remote sessions as they are recorded, stored and revived with regards to future optimization or filling the gaps in the areas where any updates could be required. Grasp even more options with Viseven Remote Detailer, powered by eWizard platform, which allows both to conduct remote sessions and work with content to show.

According to research, physicians are more likely to recall their interaction later after remote sessions. Furthermore, 59% of HCPs are willing to ask their managers follow up questions.


How do patients “talk” to pharma brands of their preference no matter the location? It’s a well-known fact that lots of customers use online platforms or social media networks to approach pharma&physicians’ communities directly. Messengers and mobile apps became a huge part of today’s healthcare world both for patients to consume information and physicians to demonstrate empathy with no in-person interaction. However, among the huge array of benefits, let’s name a few:

  • An easy way to get to know what’s going on in a medicine space
  • Digital participation with physicians’ community from all over the world
  • Great customer service, 24/7 help tab and immediate medical assistance (hotline)

… a win-win service to be offered, isn’t it what patients appreciate the most?

According to a survey, patients declared that they prefer to take into account online prescription, than going to a doctor. The attitude of respondents regarding the development of the digital pharmacy was Extremely Good (30%) which confirms the growing importance of the online environment for patients today.

Digital era has significantly changed the way people consume healthcare related information: they are more competent, technical-savvy and precise. An increasing access to data throughout the world makes pharma marketers and brand managers always take one step further while implementing innovations rapidly or… remain left behind. Let’s call it a new pharma marketer’s mindset: a systematic, channel-centric thinking towards agility in marketing, great CX, scalability time to market and personalized approach. If you are willing to deepen your expertise and fuel your workflow, feel free to sign up to our newsletter or contact our team of experts.

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