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Best eDetailing Platforms to Check Out


Staying up to date with the latest news in the field, making rounds, seeing 60 patients, and keeping up with paperwork paints a clear picture of the immense workload healthcare professionals (HCPs) can shoulder daily. It is no surprise that it is challenging for sales reps to get a face-to-face meeting with them.  

The research findings are concerning, but unfortunately not unexpected. They suggest that more than 75% of healthcare professionals find their workload unsustainable. Additionally, 77% reported that their colleagues are experiencing burnout, and nearly half agreed that their peers are considering leaving the field. 

HCP burnout

Source: Pharmaphorum 

While pharma and life sciences alone cannot solve the problem, brands should aim to alleviate pressure by ensuring effective communication with HCPs. eDetailing represents one of the strategies to pivot towards addressing providers’ burnout and boosting engagement. 

In this article, the Viseven team is going to shed light on the best e-detailing software that would improve your interaction with HCPs. But before we begin, let’s briefly get into what an eDetailing software is. 

What is eDetailing Platform? 

A pharmaceutical eDetailing platform refers to software that allows sales rep to deliver product information in an engaging and efficient way. Instead of relying on conventional brochures, pharmaceutical companies can opt for eDetailing platforms to demonstrate interactive presentations, data, and videos on laptops or tablets. Remote detailing solutions let HCPs meet medical representatives (MedReps) online, while self-detailing tools enables them to review materials on their own schedule, fitting learning into their busy day. 

Benefits of e-Detailing Platforms 

Before we move forward, let’s provide some incentives to keep reading this article. What are the benefits eDetailing software brings to the table? Let’s explore: 

  • Saves time. A healthcare professional accesses bite-sized, on-demand information, while MedReps connect with them without travel hassles. 
  • Aligns with HCPs’ busy schedules. Remote eDetailing empowers providers to dive into presentations without getting distracted from their responsibilities. They can access information on any device, anytime, ensuring they have the latest knowledge of pharmaceutical products. 
  • Boosts engagement. eDetailing requires HCPs to take actions, whether it is clicking through graphs or taking quizzes. These actions make presentations more engaging compared to traditional sales pitches. 
  • Makes personalization possible. Each of these actions counts! Pharma harnesses this data to craft individualized presentations that resonate with each healthcare professional. 
  • Drives sales. Satisfied HCPs are more likely to remember brands and prescribe their products to patients.  
  • Ensures compliance. eDetailing solutions allow you monitor pharma reps’ activities to guarantee brand integrity and regulatory compliance.  

Usage of Platforms in Pharma Marketing 

In pharma digital marketing, eDetailing solutions translate into deeper connections with HCPs, personalized content delivery, and real-time feedback. Take one of our clients as an example. The pharma brand’s text-heavy, static eDetailers did not resonate with cardiologists, GPs, and neurologists in Ukraine. Viseven helped them transform those materials into engaging, interactive eDetailers that sparked meaningful conversations and feedback. 

We cut through the noise for HCPs with eWizard, our content experience platform. Our team created easy-to-digest eDetailers with a clear structure, sleek design, and interactivity components, meeting the unique HCP needs.  

It was a win-win scenario for everyone. Healthcare professionals benefited from personalized information to promote better patient care. The client enjoyed cost savings, wider reach, and increased engagement with HCPs. 

TOP eDetailing Platforms to Pay Attention to 

In this section, we will compare leading eDetailing platforms by highlighting their key benefits. Also, we are going to explore potential drawbacks you might not find on their websites. This comprehensive approach will help you make the best choice for your unique needs. 


eWizard, an advanced content experience platform by Viseven, empowers pharma brands to efficiently plan, brief, build, localize, and approve their eDetailing content. 

eWizard functionality 

eWizard Perks: 

  • Numerous integrations. The platform integrates with solutions like IQVIA, Salesforce, and Agnitio, optimizing reporting and data flow. 
  • Content modularity. The tool lets users divide eDetailing content into small chunks or modules to recycle and adapt them for omnichannel campaigns.  
  • Localization capacities. The eWizard AI algorithms leverage past translation results stored on the brand’s memory server to accurately translate eDetailing content.
  • Data-driven detailing. The platform offers dynamic analytics across all channels, including brand activity tracking and competitor analysis. 
  • Template library. A robust library of pre-built templates cuts time needed to create impactful eDetailers. 
  • Easy preview. Users can preview how their eDetailers will look on different devices to ensure superior user experience. 

eWizard Downside: 

  • Learning curve. The software is quite complex, meaning investing in training and setup might be necessary. 


IQVIA offers analytics solutions for HCP engagement, content delivery, and healthcare communications, including remote detailing and self-detailing.  

IQVIA functionality 

IQVIA Perks: 

  • Focus on compliance. The pharmaceutical company narrow-focuses on security by adhering to regulations like GDPR and HIPPA. 
  • Omnichannel capabilities. IQVIA empowers users to effectively connect with their audience through multiple channels by providing not only conventional pharmaceutical detailing but video detailing and webcasts too. 
  • Advanced analytics. The brand offers in-depth analytics solutions to accurately measure return on investment and marketing campaign performance. 
  • HCP interaction made easy. Drawing notes tools, chat functionality, and real-time feedback help MedReps better explain product offerings, engaging healthcare professionals and easily communicating brand value. 

IQVIA Downside: 

  • Complex interface. Users may require special training sessions for easy navigation within the platform. 


Atkana refers to a cloud-based eDetailing solution for pharmaceutical and medical device industries.  

Atkana functionality 

Atkana Perks: 

  • Advanced content authoring. Rather than exploiting text-heavy eDetailers, this platform offers an opportunity to craft rich, immersive customer experience with multimedia content like demos and simulations. 
  • Commitment to data security. Atkana considers customer privacy with utmost importance, ensuring data encryption while in transit and at rest. The company has a global cloud infrastructure to comply with local regulations, like China’s Personal Information Protection Law or GDPR, as well as user access audit logs documentation to protect data from prying eyes. 
  • Advanced reporting. The solution offers detailed data insights on eDetailer performance, allowing users to tweak campaigns and make them more persuasive and interesting for the audience. 

Atkana Downside: 

  • Cost. This eDetailing software is more expensive than many other solutions on the market, which makes it less suitable for smaller teams with basic needs. 


Enablr has every right to bear such a name. It (tautology warning) enables users to plan and monitor remote detailing sessions, gather HCP responses, capture call details, and much more. 

Enablr functionality

Enablr Perks: 

  • Easy targeting. Sales reps plan sessions based on HCP profiles and clinic details readily available in the platform.  
  • Sample request made convenient. This patient-centric eDetailing tool lets HCPs place an order from the suggested list of predefined drugs. 
  • Generative AI. Enablr relies on AI to create customized slides from PDFs, thereby saving time and effort when tailoring messaging for HCPs. 

Enablr Downside: 

  • The lack of single industry specialization. Enablr provides eDetailing services to three industries: pharmaceuticals, real estate, and insurance. If you require a stronger focus on life sciences, you may want to explore alternative eDetailing solutions. 


Shaman is a cloud-based solution that lets life sciences brands build compliant, interactive eDetailers.

Shaman functionality

Shaman Perks: 

  • Do-it-yourself production. The eDetailing software empowers users to create rich, engaging eDetailers with no coding and designer skills. Shaman automates many eDetailing-related tasks, like content creation, document linking, and HTML creation, giving teams a chance to focus more on creative work. 
  • Modular content. Users can repurpose the existing content modules across different channels and markets. 
  • Translation automation. Its machine learning algorithms help clients translate content into more than 100 languages – in only a couple of minutes. 
  • Personalization during every call. Shaman offers complementary functionalities, like slide selections and mini brand stories, to tailor messages during the calls. 

Shaman Downside: 

  • Limited functionality. Compared to more complex eDetailing tools, Shaman does not offer such features as multichannel engagement, advanced reporting or detailed analytics. 

Platforce Pulse 

Platforce refers to a CRM pharma marketing innovation targeting pharmaceutical and medical device brands. Platforce Pulse provides users with enhanced eDetailing capabilities.

Platforce Pulse
Platforce Pulse functionality

Platforce Pulse Perks: 

  • Real-time KPIs. Clients can gather engagement metrics during an eDetailer presentation to understand what is working and what is not. 
  • User-friendly data visualization. Collected data can be readily visualized to make insights into HCPs’ interactions understandable and shareable. 
  • Smart follow-up. Whenever HCPs interact with presentations, clients get notified to send follow-up emails to keep the conversations going. 
  • Offline access. With Platforce Pulse, users access content even offline. This ensures uninterrupted eDetailing, which is particularly useful in regions with limited internet connectivity. 

Platforce Pulse Downside: 

  • The lack of advanced analytics. Platforce Pulse offers no in-depth analytics capabilities, compared to the full Platforce platform. 

Summing Up 

When you are deciding on an eDetailing platform, it is increasingly important to take into account your specific business needs, the size of your team, and the resources available. If you find yourself with a wealth of existing content waiting to be repurposed, planning to implement an omnichannel pharma marketing strategy while closely tracking campaign performance using advanced tools, and requiring various integrations, then eWizard could be the smart choice for you. 

Our team is committed to delivering aesthetically appealing, user-friendly, and resonating eDetailers, including self-detailing and remote edetailing solutions. With eWizard’s wide range of pre-built templates and intuitive tools, pharma brands can build presentations without comprehensive coding and design skills. 

Want to craft impactful eDetailers at scale without any hiccups? Contact us today and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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